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Thoughts From the Bus: More Takes on the Jeffrey Dachis' Texchange Talk

One thing Dachis mentioned in passing, but he may strongly believe it, is the notion that these tools are not a new marketing channel. Later in the evening he took a question about how to grow usage after providing the technology. He answered this question with a pithy but accurate (to me, anyway) phrase: seed, feed, and weed – which meant provide content to the tool whatever it be, continue to actively moderate/monitor/add content, and finally actively prune away non-effective participants or topics.

Thoughts from the Bus: Jeffrey Dachis' Talk @ Texchange

Last night Ken (Cho) and I attended an Austin Texchange event. The featured topic was “Is your company anti-social” with guest speaker Jeffrey Dachis of Razorfish and now AV fame. Dachis is putting together a sort of consultancy around social technology.

Hook 'em Social – Web 2.0 Course at the Univ. of Texas

Please address as Professors Cho and McCaskill (just kidding).

We are really excited about the opportunity to develop and teach a course on social media strategies and Web 2.0 technologies to the undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. This course will be offered for the Spring 2009 semester. We will be co-teaching/developing the course with Prof. Karl Lang who will be a visiting professor from CUNY Baruch.

Social Application Market Overview: 08.27.2008

A key segment for enterprises is the application platforms. In May 2007, Facebook introduced the ability to allow outside developers to inject new features and content into user experiences through a set of application programming interfaces (APIs). Based on Google’s OpenSocial APIs, MySpace soft launched its development platform in March 2008. In essence, the Facebook and MySpace are social operating systems.