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Facebook makes welcome change

Well, Facebook, it’s about time.  ‘Course this is the usual type of action with Facebook. Introduce some poor interface along with a major change(s), receive massive dissatisfaction from the user base, probably sell some stuff to advertisers, then roll back a fraction of the major changes with some new functionality….

Social Media Ownership – Centralized or Distributed?

As more and more companies, brands, and organizations begin to view social media as a legitimate channel to engage with their customers and their market, more and more people are beginning to ask the question, “Who is ultimately in charge of our social media efforts?” It’s a good, hard question….

Six Apart and TypePad Conversations

Not sure this method of monetizing ads is going to work.  The idea, it seems, is to syndicate comments about a specific question; these comments come attached with an ad.  I guess the greater aggregation should lead to a liverlier conversation and perhaps some greater $$ for the bloggers, but…