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Raise Your Hand For Effective Social Media In Higher Education

**Cross posted via The WOMMA blog** By Austin Lytle, Social Business Strategist, Spredfast A SXSWi Session Recap Patterns of success are beginning to emerge in social media at universities. While resources may be scarce, buy-in difficult and policies (if there are any) restrictive, a SXSW panel on Effective Social Media…

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Political campaigns diving deeper in social for 2012

A SXSWi Session Recap Political campaigns, while good at sticking to tried and true methods, are typically early adopters in new technologies that could provide an edge. Unlike businesses slow adoption, the marriage between social technologies and politics in 2008 released unrelenting political adoption of new social technologies. Social trends…

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Is a Social Media Command Center Right For Your Business?

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a Social:IRL event in Kansas, focused on rethinking traditional business operations in the age of social. I chose to speak on the advent of social media command centers and how they are changing the way organizations operate for events. By providing examples…

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