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6 Ways to Prepare your Brand for Twitter’s New Layout

Twitter recently started rolling out its new look for desktop. Initial feedback is all over the map from high praise (“stunning visual format!”) to skepticism (“Haven’t I seen this before?”)  It’s only natural to have an opinion about the new look, but getting hung up on specific changes is for the…

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Communicating Success: 3 Lessons on Social Reporting

This article was originally posted on the OpenView Blog and can be found here.   As a marketer at OpenView Labs, the operational consulting arm of OpenView Venture Partners, I have the pleasure of working with some of our incredible portfolio companies – including the amazing team at Spredfast. I…

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General Mills Brings Core Values to Social Care

General Mills has over 50 brands from breakfast cereals, to snacks, to frozen and prepared meals. Committed to quality and providing great consumer experiences, General Mills has always welcomed comments from consumers in any channel. Today, social care strategist Fred Gorrochotegui shares how the company has brought the same level…

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