How Twitter Helped Social Brands at SXSW Interactive, an Infographic

For most, this year’s SXSW Interactive festival was five packed days of networking, texting, tweeting, pinning, checking-in and Facebook posting.  You might have even managed to squeeze in a few hours of sleep each night.

Everyone knows that SXSW brings together one of the most connected and engaged technology communities to its conference each year and unsurprisingly, this community is continually becoming more social savvy.  While conference goers used every social network and application possible to stay up to date on where the coolest party was or where to meet their group of friends, Spredfast took a look at how brands were using social to reach and engage with their audience during the event.  More specifically, the Twitter activity of the 13 Interactive sponsors was monitored to capture overall brand mentions, brand mentions in relation to SXSW and the resulting potential reach and impact this social activity had.

Spredfast created the below infographic to illustrate the potential impact brands can have at large-scale events when implementing a smart social strategy.  While the data is specific to Twitter, the findings can apply to social more broadly – brands who leverage social media channels can not only reach a large audience quickly and cost-effectively, but they can also begin to make sense of how their social engagement is potentially impacting their organization’s overall bottom line.

Big Brands SXSW Social Impact Infographic

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