More people, more places, more conversations.

In the wake of the IPO last Friday, there has been much hand wringing about all things Facebook – user growth, advertiser spending, mobile strategy, stock price. From our seat as a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, we see businesses doing more on Facebook every day. And that trend extends beyond Facebook.

Spredfast put out a release today that begins the conversation about businesses adopting social media management platforms to engage with their customers in a strategic, ongoing way.

More people
How many of your company”™s employees are social on behalf of the business?  How many will be social on behalf of the business one year from now?  Two years from now?

As I”™ve pointed out in earlier blog posts, being social is evolving.  The next step in that evolution is enabling 100″™s or increasingly 1000″™s of employees to be social, in an organized way, all the time.  The public social networks give businesses the opportunity to communicate and engage with the market in a new way.  How fast is this evolving?  The typical Spredfast customer has increased their number of “users” 10x in the past 6 months.  There is no sign this trend will slow down.

More places
Where is your business engaging on social?  On a Facebook brand page (or application)? TwitterYouTubeLinkedInSlidesharePinterest?  A business must meet its customers wherever they gather.  Each social network allows some form of communication with its flock.  What form?  That”™s a moving target.  How much does it cost a business to communicate?  That”™s a moving target too.

How many “places” on social does a business need to be in order to reach its customers?  Good question.  How far will you drive for a latte?  60% of Spredfast customers manage over 100 social “places”.  Some have as few as 10 “places” and others as many as 600.  And this market is just getting started.

More conversations:
How many customer conversations has your business had on social today? What are you learning? Is the market getting the right messages? We can all debate where Facebook or Twitter or YouTube will be in two years.  What I think we can bet on is that the human desire for social communication will not be abated.  People have had a taste and we won”™t go backwards.  How will a business grow if it misses out on these conversations?  Spredfast customers are managing millions of conversations and this is growing rapidly.

Let”™s do the math.  100″™s to 1000″™s of employees managing 10″™s to 100″™s of social “places” and millions of conversations around ever changing social network capabilities.

The social engagement platform will be the heartbeat of the social enterprise.  Don”™t get left behind.

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One Response to “More people, more places, more conversations.”

  1. Christina Trapolino

    The part of this post that resonated most with me was: “What I think we can bet on is that the human desire for social communication will not be abated.”

    There is a lot of conversation among “experts” (read: salespeople) about which platform works best for which customers. While it’s certainly important to learn where your audience is having conversations and why the conversation can change depending on the channel, it’s missing the point to some extent to start there.

    People want to connect. That’s the most fundamental thing I think anyone can say about why social media has become so popular and pervasive in our society. They want to connect with each other, sure, but they also want to connect with the brands they love. They want a relationship.

    Will the bubble burst? Even if it does, people will still want to connect with each other (and your brand). Master that, and the medium won’t matter. The relationships will. I think the fact that Spredfast gets this bodes very well for their future.

    Thank you for sharing — great post!


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