Delighting Your Social Customers

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Last week, Michael Brito of Edelman and Amy Kalm of Intuit joined me in a webinar about sprucing up social for Spring. This second webinar of our 3-part series focused on keeping the social “hive” buzzing by providing consistently compelling experiences.
We’ve included the slides below but here are key points that resonated with each presenter, including bonus examples not found in the slides.

First and Foremost, Listen

Each presenter underscored the importance of listening to your audience to understand their needs and desires. Michael shared advice from his marriage, “listening is always the right thing to do.” I reminded listeners that data can be your best friend in determining which content, style, and channel best satisfies and delights customers. Metrics like Facebook Virality assess word-of-mouth-worthiness of content. Amy took a direct approach, launching a survey asking customers directly what they expected when engaging with Intuit. Over 30% simply wanted their question or comment acknowledged.

Listening also provides opportunities to engage in ways that surprise and delight. A recent internet meme, Bad Luck Brian, follows the mock trials and tribulations of someone down on his luck. When @BadLuck_Brian tweeted he didn’t save with Geico, the team was listening. Their humorous response received knockout engagement.











Engage: Positive, Negative, and Neutral

In WOMM, we’ve heard how many people a customer will tell about brand experiences. We’re even more familiar now that those numbers skyrocket with socially active customers. Like Amy said, “it’s okay to let customers rant and even have the last word.”  When customers share negative feedback, they give you an opportunity to resolve issues.

When Pier 1 customer, Dan, expressed he might write a formal complaint about an unfortunate mug experience, he didn’t tag the company. But the Pier 1 team was proactive and invited him to share his complaint, demonstrating awareness and initiative in resolving Dan’s issue.

(Relevant) Content is King

The social echo chamber has long been ringing that “Content is King.” Michael clarified, proclaiming relevant content is king – providing the right content on the right channel, to the right customer. Your customers may want you to excite, inspire, entertain, support, or educate. One isn’t better than the other. Being able to identify and satisfy those desires is key.

Take a look at how AARP inspires and informs on Facebook and Twitter:

Give With No Expectation to Receive

Michael spoke about Reciprocal Altruism, that you “give to the community without any expectation at all of getting anything back in return.” I referenced a quote from Ben & Jerry’s cofounder bolstering that sentiment, “There is a spiritual aspect to our lives ““ when we give we receive ““ when a business does something good for somebody, that somebody feels good about them!”

Since they’re no stranger to being used as a WOMMA example, take a look at this sweet bit of reciprocal altruism from Ben & Jerry’s during the Bonnaroo festival:

Check out the slides from our webinar below and watch the entire session here. Sign up for our final webinar with Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang and ARAMARK’s Tom Carusona, here.

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