Rewrite (Comment) History

Their is a new feature rolling out across Facebook users. There is a new feature rolling out across Facebook users. Ever engage in a thoughtful discourse (or, okay, passionate, rage-faced debate) on a Facebook thread, only to type an embarrassing misspelling in the heat of the moment?

Facebook is rolling out a new feature designed to save you from those d’oh moments; Comment Editing and Edit History. This new feature allows you to edit a comment after it has been submitted and skip the copy-delete-paste-edit-post rigmarole.

A couple key caveats:

1. This is available via web, and not yet on mobile where I personally tend to see the highest frequency of typos (you’ve already hit send, and Siri “does you a solid” by autocorrecting the last word. The agony!)

2. Your edit history is viewable. So don’t try pulling any fast ones in the middle of that “discourse,” people will be able to track your flip-flopping.

Take a look at these screen shots to see how it works:

Events Manager and master of swag, AG, was quick to find commemorative gear from yesterday’s Twitter outage (seriously, where was the fail whale? Climate change is real people!)


A quick hover over my comment revealed the “Edit or Delete” Pencil.


Presto change-o. 


A friendly reminder that folks will know I edited my comment. Note how the “Edited” indicator next to the Like button.


And this is what the edit thread looks like. 


While I am counting this as a major win for the English language (my favorite college professor taught me that the key to good writing is re-writing) I’m curious to know whether brands will make use of this feature- viewable edit history and all. Community managers and social strategists, what say you? Will you make use of the new Edit Comment feature?

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