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While strolling among the fertile beds of wisdom and wit, AKA twitter, I happened across this peach from Ann Handley. It made me, and more than a handful of others, laugh out loud and lift our Lipton’s in agreement.  To Ann I say, keep on sippin’ sister- lord knows you dig in and get your hands dirty with content everyday.

At Spredfast, we’ve been talking about how you can weed, seed, and grow your social presence in our “Spruce Up your Social” webinar series. We hosted our third and final webinar this afternoon which featured Altimeter Group‘s Jeremiah Owyang, ARAMARK‘s Tom Carusona, and our own Jim Rudden who talked about “Organizing and Creating Social Program Processes.”

Employee enthusiasm and engagement can often be the sharpest tool in the shed to help spread word of mouth goodness about your brand. Developing a plan and process to socially enable more members of your organization can help deliver your messages at scale.

Check out these quick tips to cultivate your social garden and find slides from today’s webinar below:

Weed out the clutter

Social programs are expanding rapidly to meet the needs of today’s increasingly connected consumer. The Altimeter Group reports that companies have an average of 178 corporate-owned social accounts. But what about all of those unauthorized accounts started by enthusiastic early-adopters eager to communicate your company’s message? Or all of the fun parody accounts? (That is, fun when it’s not your brand’s likeness being joyrode by some jokester.) Perform a social audit to identify and wrangle in social accounts purporting to represent your brand.


Plan your social footprint

Before you start seeding your social presence with content, develop a plan. What business goals do you aim to achieve? How is your social presence organized-by geography? Business unit? Product line? How many people are active socially for your brand, and are you organized in a way that will allow that number to grow as more and more customers look to social channels to build and maintain relationships with your brand?


Plant firm roots and nurture social growth

Don’t leave your social advocates blowing in the wind. Offer training and clear policies and guidance about social engagement. Equip your social team with resources (mixed media such as a high-res version of your logo or product images, approved responses to FAQs) that enable them for social success. While we still think that nothing tops organic engagement, providing this prepped content in a centralized location can reduce time spent digging for answers and free up your team for further engagement.


Harvest Insights and propagate success

Consider the journey of the humble apple, from the countless (often sour) varieties grown from the haphazard labors of Johnny Appleseed to the many delicious varieties grown today from graft (Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, I could go on)

The truth is, it’s not so different from the current evolution of social business practices. Many of us entered the space and started growing social programs without much forethought. Now is the time to assess results, measure KPIs, ditch the bad apples and grow social programs that are really sweet.

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