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We”™re trying something a little different at Spredfast. We aim to provide timely, useful, and compelling information via our blog, Twitter, and Facebook (for the visual learners among us, check out our hoard of infographics on Pinterest). But social in it”™s highest form is more telephone, less megaphone, and we get most excited about engagement””we love hearing your feedback, sharing exciting new work from our customers and industry leaders, and keeping the conversation going.

With that in mind, we launched our new #socialsmarts contest series last Friday. Every Friday, we”™ll be asking a question or providing a prompt that gives our network a chance to chime in with personal insights, experiences, and feedback. We”™ll be choosing one entrant at random to win a Social Savior Kit””a stockpile of social resources and goodies””to show our appreciation and keep the learning going.

We kicked things off with something simple. Call it a #FF with context:

We wanted to know who our followers are following- who informs and inspires them as they go about the business of being social. Check out what we heard from respondents.

There is a Motherlode and its name is Mashable. 

There was a clear go-to spot for social news and insights among contest participants:  Mashable.  And with good reason. Just read their mission statement:

Mashable”™s mission is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of social media and technology.

Mashable is a great source for comprehensive coverage on social networks, the tech industry, and digital culture.  From breaking news, to personal how-tos and tips to pop culture coverage, Mashable runs a one-stop shop that pretty handily satisfies information needs for a variety of readers.

Other Top Recommendations: New and Old

Other repeat reco”™s included AdAge and Jason Fall“™s Social Media Explorer. AdAge, first published in 1930, has maintained industry influence on all things media and marketing as we”™ve transitioned from print to digital. It”™s a great place to look for stories on how brands are using digital and social to communicate with their customers. Social Media Explorer, on the other hand, has been digital and social from the very start. We love Jason and team”™s no bull approach””look to them for practical how-tos and candid opinions on new trends in the social space.

And the winner is”¦

Our inaugural Social Smarts winner, the first Social Smarty, if you will, was Sandy Schadler. In addition to following Pete Cashmore (Mashable) and Jason Falls (Social Media Explorer) Sandy follows David Armano for social insights. David and other members of the Edelman team bring a ton of expertise to the social table. David”™s colleague, Michael Brito, is another great follow for social insights; you can read his recent guest blog post here.

Sandy”™s Social Savior Kit (say that 5 times fast) is on the way to Tennessee and packed to the gills with great resources, including Brito”™s book Smart Business, Social Business and a few of our full length white papers that take a deeper dive into social planning and strategy.



Who did we miss?

To see a full list of responses- check out our Facebook page and make sure you check back on Friday to participate in our next #SocialSmarts contest. I”™m interested to keep the conversation going and find out who you follow.

Who would I add? I”™d add some of the people responsible for impressive social strategy at large brands. For instance, Ekaterina Walter, a major player in launching and sustaining Intel“™s Social Media Center for Excellence and a generally fearless female to boot.  I”™d also add Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media at Ford. I”™ll admit, as a Detroit girl, I”™m giving him home team advantage but he also drives some seriously powerful social with Ford and shares social insights on his twitter and personal blog. Shel Israel included great profiles of both Ekaterina and Scott in his Social Media Thought Leaders Series- another great reference on who to follow in the social space.

Who else do you follow? Let me know in the comments.

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