Just Flirting with Social or Ready to Commit and Engage?

There is something deeply rooted in our nature that we simply must know who we are and how we stack up against our peers. There are the practical forms of this exercise: standardized testing in schools, the Myers-Briggs test that many of us took as we anxiously considered our futures, and the many competitive analyses that we use to assess market position. To that end, we recently published a new report, The Spredfast Social Engagement Index Benchmark, which takes a by-the-numbers approach to showing how real companies are engaging in social today.

And then there are the more amusing forms of self assessment- racing personal records, chili cook-offs, and the beloved Cosmo Quiz. It was the latter that we had in mind when we created the Social Engagement Index quiz- a quick, seven question quiz that helps you identify which of three social segments highlighted in the benchmark report most closely represents your social organization.

Why should you take 15 minutes (or less) to take the quiz yourself?

  1. As my colleague Virginia pointed out earlier this week, “Numbers don”™t lie, which is fabulous as we”™re experts at lying to ourselves.” We”™ve received some (very fair) feedback from smart folks like Jason Falls about the bias introduced by using only Spredfast customers in our report. That is the thing about research; there are always biases and limitations- broad base survey results have their own selection and response biases. We were really excited to let the numbers speak for themselves and give inquiring minds an idea of what social really looks like inside and out for over 150 social companies.
  2. It”™s not the Size of your Data, it”™s how you use it. Whether you are a Spredfast customer or not you are probably tracking a number of social metrics in some form or fashion.  (And if not, why not?) Great, you have a fan base of 75,000 fans, followers, and connections and your team of 11 is publishing approximately 60 times a week””are the 2000 likes, comments, and clicks you receive each week more or fewer than that of your industry peers? Armed with your results and the results of 154 other companies assessed upon the same metrics, you”™ll have a compelling story to share with your c-suite. And that is true whether you”™re exceeding performance of your peers (“By gosh, it”™s working!”) or you identify room to grow (“We”™re publishing on par, but we don”™t seem to see the same response from our networks.”)
  3. Your results will be just as titillating and, ahem, more appropriate for professional conversation than the results of those “Are you a Vixen?” quizzes that kept some of us sharp on our mental math, adding 1″™s, 2″™s, and 3″™s to see where we fell (“Homely Bookish Type AGAIN? Darn!”)  Jokes aside, this is pretty interesting stuff. The average company is posting over 1,500 times each month and seeing 2 million unique engagements over the course of a quarter.  Are you over or under? Knowledge is power, people.

The most exciting part of this all is that we are just getting started. We are already anxiously awaiting the close of the quarter for a brand new set of data so that we can identify progress over the last quarter (I”™m preaching to the choir when I say social really does move that fast) and take an even deeper dive into the wealth of data we track via Spredfast. Where do we go from here? An obvious next step is Content Analysis, something we are already doing with Spredfast customers on our strategic services team (read my colleague Ellen“™s latest post, “Content Analysis: What”™s Working?”)

What would you like to see in future iterations of the Engagement Index Benchmark? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, take the quiz and download the full report, call up some of your best #socbiz buds to compare results, and nerd out over some really interesting social data.

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