Heads Up! How to add a Twitter Header Photo

It has been four whole days since Twitter announced its new profile pages on the Today show.  Still haven”™t made the switch? What are you waiting for? If the answer is a step-by-step how-to, look no further, we”™ve got you covered.

First off, what”™s new? Twitter announced two main changes: new header photos and updates to background images.

The header photo allows brands and individuals to express themselves beyond their thumbnail sized profile photo. It also creates a more dynamic opportunity for brands to visually engage their followership- expect to see header images change (with the seasons, with big events, etc.) whereas the profile photo, for the sake of brand recognition, is pretty static. The header photo will create a “consistent visual identity” whether you access your profile from twitter.com, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. This move is consistent with Twitter”™s effort to “ensure that you have a great experience everywhere you experience Twitter, no matter what device you”™re using.” 

The background image is a great spot to add design elements or provide more information: who”™s tweeting at this handle? Where else can I find your company of the social web? However, as a background image, those key details can be tricky to arrange so that they aren”™t cut off. Now marketers have the ability to align this image (left, right, or center), which should aid in that effort.

The updates came at perfect timing; a few of us in the Spredfast offices were just remarking that our profile page could use a little design TLC. Here”™s how we made the change:

1.   Select “Settings” from the gear drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner.

2.   From the left-hand menu, select “Design”

3.   Scroll down and select “Change Header” under “Customize Your Own.“  Choose your image. Twitter recommends using an image with dimensions of 1200×600 and there is a maximum file size limit of 5 MB.

4.   If you are also changing your background image, select “Change Background” (also in the “Customize Your Own” Section.) Choose an existing image on your computer. Once you have selected your image, you can select the background position using the radio buttons provided.

So, how do we look?

Simple, right? If you”™re still not convinced that you should make the swap (and heads up, much like Timeline for Brands on Facebook, Twitter plans to flip the switch and make this standard for everyone), we did some searching for a little extra inspiration. Check out these brands that have already added header photos:

1.   Starbucks

2.   RadioShack

3.   Finish Line

4.   CNN

5.   And last but not least, Twitter themselves, who chose to keep things simple and refined. You stay classy, San Francisco.


Ready to take the plunge? Update your header photo and link us to it in the comments.

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