Need a (social media) Miracle?

A few weeks back Virginia Miracle, our new EVP of Customer Success, and I sat down over coffee to debate social, brands, evolution, software and the future.  Most of our conclusions are super top secret and the world isn”™t ready to hear them, but here are a few thoughts from…

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Getting the Most out of Great Content in Social Media

Using social media for business requires companies to embrace social channels to satisfy the needs of their customers, prospects and networks. This can mean many different tactics for various types of companies, but content is always at the heart of this activity. On the heels of Community Manager Appreciation Day,…

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5 Steps to Operationalizing Social Media in 2012

If you’re like the majority of companies, your organization is already present on social media channels – sharing content, starting conversations and engaging. The role of social media ownership has probably expanded beyond just one person – the lone social practitioner – and excitement is building around social business to…

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