Digg it – changing the bookmarking site

Mashable reports Digg to Undergo Drastic Overhaul

Stan Schroeder

Now, according to Telegraph, Digg is preparing some big changes for the service. “We’re making some drastic changes, but they’re much-needed drastic changes. People are going to be shocked at some of the directions we’re taking. You have to be comfortable with completely tearing down and throwing away a bunch of ideas,” Digg’s founder Kevin Rose said.

Surprisingly, Rose was quite precise about the changes he plans for Digg. They will involve the placement of the navigation bar and the Digg button, a bigger emphasis on photos, and (most importantly), a bigger focus on real-time information, probably in an effort to better compete with Twitter’s speed. The following quote from Rose is particularly revealing:

“In the next version of Digg you’ll see stories being presented to you in a more real-time nature, especially stories that your friends have touched. It will not be just about Digg.com, but also embracing all the content that your friends touch on other websites. It’s about being that place where people say, ‘I’m going to take a look at Digg because it provides me insight into what’s trending, what’s popular, what’s hot from all over these different places where people exchange information’.”

Indeed, this doesn’t sound too much like the Digg of today. Traditionally, Digg has been focused on itself; it seems that the founders finally decided it’s time to open up to content from other services, such as Twitter and Facebook. One service that took some of Digg’s ideas and applied them to the real-time web was Tweetmeme; it’s not too far-fetched to imagine Digg stealing some of those ideas back.

People have often asked us about Digg and other bookmarking sites.  Frankly, I have always found them to be more unweildy and difficult to use than anything else.  And time and labor intensive to get articles listed on there or tags to bubble up.  And even then they can be gamed somewhat.  I am interested to see what changes they come up with, particularly the real-time additions.  I would also welcome an API so that authors could at least submit their work automatically.  Wonder what this change might mean for ShareThis?

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