FB profitable on $2B in revenue? Not buying it…

Will FB get $2B in rev in 2010?  That would be something like 4-5x growth over the past year.  Unless it is mostly Zynga and by extension the text spam companies paying it (and by extension you Farmville players), I am not seeing it.  But the WSJ says its possible (from TechCrunch).

Jason Kincaid

…While the article covers a lot of familiar territory about Facebook’s past, there’s plenty of new information too. Of note, the article says that Facebook executives have “discussed how revenues for 2010 could hit between $1.2 to $2 billion” — figures that exceed even the $1.1 billion InsideFacebook’s Eric Eldon reported yesterday (clearly, the number is looking big). The article also asserts that Facebook is working on a tool for sharing your physical location with Facebook (something that we’ve been hearing about for quite a while, and that I believe will be key in the future).

Oh and Kincaid reports on this other nugget:

There are also a handful of interesting anecdotes about Zuckerberg. According to the article, a Facebook engineer once wrote an internal memo called “Working With Zuck”, in which he warned other employees not to hope for much in the way of back-patting from their CEO, explaining they should not “expect acknowledgment for your role in moving the discussion forward; getting the product right should be its own reward.”

Well, that’s great. Would love to work for that guy.
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