Welcome, Mr. Reseller, Take Off Your Coat & Stay Awhile

We’ve opened our doors to welcome resellers to our home. We believe Spredfast is a great product companies, organizations and agencies can use to power their social media efforts. We also think our white label option makes Spredfast a perfect tool for those companies that sell services around social media to add a new revenue stream by reselling Spredfast as a branded social media management tool.

The program is pretty simple:

  • Sign up and we’ll call you to figure out a deal
  • We’ll work with you to set up your branded social media management platform
  • We’ll train you how to use it, support and most importantly, sell it
  • You work with your clients and prospects, and sell them campaigns on your branded platform
  • You charge what you want for the campaigns you sell, and pay us at a discounted rate

If this sounds interesting to you, visit our reseller page to learn more and sign up. We’re waiting for you. We might even have dinner and a drink ready.


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