Diversity & Inclusion

Building a Better Workplace

We believe we’re stronger when we’re diverse.

When we say everyone should feel included at work, we mean every single person. When we say we’re stronger when we’re diverse, we mean the success of our business depends on incorporating different perspectives. When we say we must be honest about where we have room to improve, we mean we value transparency and its place in our progress toward diversity and inclusivity.

Spredfast believes in diversity, inclusivity, equality and transparency.


Building a workforce from diverse backgrounds, national origins, races, religions, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and family structures is is the best way to build trust and connection with our community, our customers, and the world.


We strive to create a diverse and inclusive company culture without barriers to advancement—because we know that companies who commit to an inclusive workplace are more productive and more successful.


We are committed to equal pay across the organization as well as advocating for equality in the communities where we live and work.


This is the kind of work that is never “done”, and we believe we should be vocal about the progress we still need to make.

What Our Employees Say About Working at Spredfast

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    I’ve always been given bigger problems to solve, the ones that will really effect change. And I found that extremely empowering.

    Kevin Nayar
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    When you create new pathways and opportunities as you move people around the organization, you also create new bridges and connections.

    Courtney Doman
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    Building trust is a part of who Spredfast is, whether that means between the company and our customers or within our own walls.

    Dre Kernodle
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    Our differences at Spredfast make us stronger—and the diverse perspectives of my teammates make our end results more solid and thoughtful.

    Mahshad Vakili Hall

See Where We Are Today

We are on a journey to increasing equality at Spredfast. We still have work to do to achieve the diversity we strive for across the company.

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