Announcing Instagram Publishing in Spredfast

And how it will help marketers save time, protect their brand, and tell authentic stories

Over the past few years, how many hours have you or your team spent in the Instagram app publishing your brand’s content? How many weekend brunches were interrupted by a reminder to push a post live, natively? For most social teams at global enterprises, the answer is probably too many to count. But that changes today, and that’s why we’re so excited to launch Instagram publishing in Spredfast—available now.

Instagram just announced their first-ever publishing API, and Spredfast is proud that our customers can already publish through our platform, as of today. It is because we've worked as an Alpha partner of Instagram behind the scenes to test this functionality over the last few months that we're able to go live the same day Instagram launches their good news. This is a huge win for brands looking to reach their audiences on Instagram with the same governance, efficiency, and reporting they rely on from the Spredfast platform.

Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram Publishing and what it means for Spredfast customers:

The power of Instagram for brands is growing — with no end in sight.

For the past several years, Instagram has been the fastest-growing social media channel for brands. In fact, last year Instagram reported having over 8 million business profiles. With 500 million daily active users and 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is a powerhouse social network and an important part of the growing Facebook ecosystem.

But however Instagram grows and changes, it remains an authentic space centered on people, their connections, and their shared experiences. This focus has created fertile ground for thoughtful brand participation. The ability to publish and schedule content directly through Spredfast using this new API will allow brands to do more of what they do best: reach the people they care about with engaging, beautiful content. As always, Spredfast is here to help brands navigate and maximize the opportunities that this announcement and new functionality unlocks.

However Instagram grows and changes, it remains an authentic space centered on people, their connections, and their shared experiences.


This new API is just the beginning.

We worked closely with Instagram as an important member of the API’s Alpha program to test and provide feedback on features that will deliver the most value for our customers. As Instagram continues to invest in helping global brands make authentic connections with their audiences on the platform, we’ll continue to work with them to advocate on behalf of our customers and evaluate new functionality as it becomes available.

We are committed to the value that Instagram provides brands.

We believe in the value that Instagram provides to brands and audiences alike. Our customers are now able to publish to Instagram with the full power of the Spredfast platform to wrap governance, collaboration, and operational efficiency around their social efforts on Instagram. Following on the heels of our recent enhancements to Instagram analytics, this is a natural extension of the value Spredfast delivers to global brands looking to drive efficiency and collaboration within a secure platform all while maintaining their authentic brand voice. As of today, global brands and their social marketers can do more than ever before possible on Instagram through our platform, and we’re excited and ready for what’s still to come.

Spredfast believes that Instagram provides value to brands and audience alike.


What you can do to be sure you’re ready.

If you haven’t already done so, convert your Instagram profile to a Business Profile on Instagram. You’ll need to set up a Business Profile in order to access these new features in Spredfast.

Not yet a Spredfast customer? Curious about how the best social media software can make your enterprise social media marketing and social care efforts more streamlined and effective? Request a demo today.

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