March 5, 2015
Remember the good old days? When brands, every now and then, would make headlines by jumping on a trend? That was fun. I remember... Read Article
It seems quaint now, but in February 2013 when Netflix debuted House of Cards by releasing the entire season at once it was controversial.... Read Article
The following piece is focused on breaking the benefits of social media technology down to the most basic and simple form, intended to be a... Read Article
If you throw an amazing event and no one Tweets about it, did it really happen? Social buzz around an event deepens engagement for... Read Article
  Don’t panic, but SXSW is only two weeks away.  By now you have probably already RSVP’d to a few of the best parties (... Read Article
The Brit Awards captured the attention of more than the UK last night. Top-tier talent, stellar performances, and hashtag votes (powered... Read Article
What has 1000 words but only 140 characters? Hint: It’s not a very complex, very brief Broadway play. (But I would be interested... Read Article
Some TV Producers might scoff at the suggestion; use social to inform my show content? What can social tell me that I don’t already know... Read Article
  Twitter was all abuzz last night as Hollywood's most high-profile stars hit the red carpet. In true data-loving fashion, we took a... Read Article
March gives us many reasons to celebrate. There’s St. Patrick’s Day, International Pancake Day, and our personal favorite, SXSW (Pancake... Read Article
I joined Spredfast in August last year, and I specifically remember interviewing with Chris Kerns for my current position. In my interview... Read Article

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