Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Ways Digital and Social Media Changes Retail

March 29, 2017
We explore three key hurdles retailers will have to mount to remain relevant as consumers’ worlds become ever-more digital and social.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How Video can Help Brands Tell Better Stories

March 29, 2017
You already know video is king of content—so are you giving your video content strategy the attention and resources it deserves?
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How to Create a Successful Facebook Ad

March 28, 2017
What makes for a truly successful Facebook ad? Explore three great examples to learn from the pros.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

6 Ways Marketing and Care Teams Can Collaborate for a Better Customer Experience

March 27, 2017
Marketing and customer care can and should work together to create better experiences—we've got six compelling reasons why.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Times Social Media Can Support Marketing Initiatives

March 21, 2017
Here are three times you'll want to include social as an integral part of your planning process—no matter your industry.
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Turning Social Risk into Social Opportunity

March 20, 2017
Learn what questions to ask yourself about managing social risk before investing in a social media solution.
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Advice from 5 Generations of Women Working in Tech

March 16, 2017
5 panelists at our Social Suite shared insights from their careers and tips for nurturing an inclusive workplace.
Innovation + Inspiration

3 Lessons Brands can Learn from the New Era of Journalism

March 15, 2017
From our SXSW panel on the topic of curated content, we've got three lessons brands would do well to learn from today's journalists.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

Why Social Media is More than a Metric

March 14, 2017
How do you truly measure ROI in social media? The answer, according to Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron, is not what you think.
social sharing at sxsw spredfast social suite
Marketing Trends + Strategies

5 SXSW Trends that Will Change your Digital Marketing Strategy

March 13, 2017
SXSW is buzzing with the latest in digital—we've got reports from the front lines on what it will change for you.
Innovation + Inspiration

Return on Inclusion: Why More Women Equals More Money

March 8, 2017
Spredfast’s VP of Marketing Sarah Moore explains why more women equals more money for companies—and shares her own story.
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