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3 Lessons from Brand Activations at Coachella

April 21, 2017
How can a brand track ROI in an environment as noisy as Coachella? And how can your brand be ahead of the game in the next main-stage event?
Facebook Messenger Discover tab
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How Your Brand can Prepare for Facebook Messenger's Discover Tab

April 20, 2017
Facebook Messenger's Discover tab is here. Is your brand ready?
Innovation + Inspiration

How to Use the Power of Story to Build Brand Advocacy

April 18, 2017
Learn to use the power of an engaging story to foster engagement, trust, and—the ultimate win—brand advocacy.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

Predicting the Impact of Facebook’s Latest Venture into Politics: Town Hall

April 12, 2017
Learn how Facebook's new feature has impacted communication between users and their elected officials.
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Building Trust Through Shared Values: A How-to for Brands

April 11, 2017
Brands can't afford to sit on the sidelines of social causes or controversial issues—but they also can’t afford to miss the mark. We've got advice for striking an authentic balance.
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How Automation Can Make Brands More Human

April 7, 2017
In marketing, "automation" is often a loaded and misunderstood term. But automation can actually make your brand more human—here's how.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

360 Campaigns: Maximizing the Effects of your Marketing Efforts

April 6, 2017
A 360 campaign is one that leverages all media channels as part of one holistic strategy. We break down how best to use each channel you have to support your marketing efforts.
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3 Ways to Use Social Data to Truly Personalize Customer Care

April 5, 2017
Learn why these three elements of context are critical to consider before you respond to solve an issue on social.
Innovation + Inspiration

Equal Work for Equal Pay

April 4, 2017
Equal pay is one way we embrace change at Spredfast, and sharing our stories is another.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Ways Digital and Social Media Changes Retail

March 29, 2017
We explore three key hurdles retailers will have to mount to remain relevant as consumers’ worlds become ever-more digital and social.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

How Video can Help Brands Tell Better Stories

March 29, 2017
You already know video is king of content—so are you giving your video content strategy the attention and resources it deserves?
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