Marketing Trends + Strategies

The Case for Candid Content Marketing

April 24, 2018
In today’s bustling content landscape, your message has to cut through the noise, provide a service, and truly be relevant, or you quite simply will be ignored.
Social Data Insights

3 Key Steps to Improve Your Social Media Content Mix

April 20, 2018
Discover how to uncover your brand’s most pressing questions by combining search and social data.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Tips for Creating a Genuine and Impactful Pride Month Campaign

April 18, 2018
In a time of celebration, honor, and support, see how your brand can positively affect the LGBTQ community via social.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

5 Ways to Master and Monetize Your Video Strategy

April 17, 2018
As the consumption of video continues to rise, find out how you can make video a useful marketing tool for your brand.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

15 Tips to Help Regulated Industries Plan for Crisis Readiness

April 10, 2018
Even companies in highly regulated industries need to be able to act swiftly to respond to crises on social media—here are the steps you need to take to be ready when something goes wrong.
Smart Social @Spredfast

3 Reasons Elaine Welteroth’s Social Media Presence is Inspo-Worthy

April 9, 2018
Here are our three favorite things about Welteroth’s social media presence, including actionable takeaways you can put to work right away.
Innovation + Inspiration

We Think We Need a Bot: Here's Why You Might, Too

April 6, 2018
Is there a way to connect a potential new customer to us faster? We think we've found the answer in a bot.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

3 Ways to Make Online Interactions Drive In-Store Purchases

April 3, 2018
Facebook's most recent updates to their business manager gives online marketers more opportunity to drive in-store sales.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

6 Instagram Stats Your Marketing Strategy Needs

March 29, 2018
Here are 6 stats that can help direct your marketing strategy on today's most visually inspirational social media platform.
Marketing Trends + Strategies

5 Ways To Think Bigger When It Comes To Social Data

March 27, 2018
If you’re not using social data to inform the biggest decisions at your organization, then you’re not thinking big enough. We've got 5 tips to help you think bigger.

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