10 Bright Ideas for Social Marketers

In the office making last-minute holiday dreams come true? That puts you at the tippy-top of our nice list. Here are 10 social marketing lessons from our favorite holiday characters, just for you: 

1. Never stop believing in the magic of social media.

When you do something day in and day out, it’s easy to forget how special your work really is. A big thanks to all the community managers working hard to troubleshoot holiday shopping, travel, and cooking disasters.

2. But…don’t overdo it, Griswold.

As marketers, we are always tasked with building and maintaining brand awareness. But since we're talking social, remember: the best ideas and campaigns aren't all about you.

3. Don’t be afraid to be different.

Instead of using the same tactics louder than everyone else, catch everyone’s attention by being different. One holiday campaign we really loved this year was LinkedIn’s #HolidaysAreIn. For twelve days, the world’s professional network added value with funny, useful, and visual content that kept us coming back for more. 

4. Things sound better when everyone sings together.

92% of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from regular old Who’s more than any form of advertising. Find ways to foster and celebrate audience involvement and user generated content.   

5. For a wonderful life—give and give and give some more. 

Want to be the richest brand in town? Be as generous as George Bailey. The best social brands are constantly adding value for their followers and delivering social care worth celebrating

6. Listen close and protect your brand.

The holidays are no exception, it’s always important to listen to what’s being said, by whom, about your brand. Embrace your inner Kevin McCallister, and don’t let the bad guys spoil your holiday cheer.

7. Even abominable snowmen can be humble bumbles at heart.

While we don’t agree with Yukon Cornelius’ methods, taking time to address the concerns of especially disgruntled customers can yield especially wonderful results. We love this advice on social care from General Mills’ Fred Gorrochotegui. 

8. But if it doesn’t work, shake it off. 

There is a difference between real customers with real concerns that you can help resolve, and trolls that are just out to get your goat. Don’t feed them. (Psst...here is even more advice inspired by marketing wunderkind T. Swift.)

9. Don’t be a grinch—embrace the true spirit of the holiday season.

If there is ever a season to let your heart grow three sizes, this is it. So loosen up your shoes, hop off your crooked hoss, and think of all the ways you can use social for good to give back.  

10. Add some surprise and delight.

Be more like the OG of “surprise and delight”, the Sugar Plum Fairy. The second act of The Nutcracker is basically a ‘round the world tour of treats. Want more "business-relevant" proof that surprise and delight can work for your brand? See how Hyatt Hotels delivers award winning social care and how their social concierge team is empowered to deliver great experiences.  

Whatever you are celebrating this holiday season, we are celebrating you. Thanks for everything that you do to make these days merry and bright for your fans and consumers!

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Courtney Doman

Courtney is the Content Marketing Manager at Spredfast. She focuses on sharing smart social ideas and insights to transform the way companies connect with consumers. Courtney is a passionate football fan (supporting Arsenal and the USMNT), curious traveller, and ambitious home cook.