10 Million Tweets Later: A Social Recap of the BRIT Awards

The Brit Awards captured the attention of more than the UK last night. Top-tier talent, stellar performances, and hashtag votes (powered by the team here at Spredfast) dominated worldwide social conversations last night. When you have performances by artists including Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Sam Smith, you're going to see some social chatter—but just how much exactly?

The award show saw over 10M votes in total, including votes in the week leading up to the event. The social audience was excited for the show and the stars, with positive sentiment outweighing naysayers during the show four to one. Looking at the evening's biggest peaks in social chatter, Kanye West's performance, One Direction's win for British Video (determined by social voting), and Ed Sheeran's success were all major standouts.

The Brit Awards created buzz that generated trends worldwide on Twitter with hashtags including #Brits2015, #ONEDIRECTIONBRIT, #EDSHEERANBRIT, and #CONGRATS1D. These trends made their way as far as Japan, Australia, the United States, Dubai, Italy and Buenos Aires. A "Brit Awards" trend appeared on Facebook as well.

Some of the most shared content included:

One Direction’s Tweet thanking their fans:

Ant and Dec’s on-stage selfie:

And Skepta’s shout-out to Kanye West:

Real-Time Takes the Stage

In addition to stars using social media to celebrate the event, brands also jumped at the opportunity to do some real-time marketing.

Burberry supported Sam Smith’s great performance by reminding their audience who he was wearing.

Of all the events during the show, it was Madonna's wardrobe malfunction that got brands chirping. Her cape snagged, causing the star to take a tumble and within seconds, brands followed up with their own commentary.

Innocent Drinks, a British brand well-versed in RTM, kicked off the conversation and their audience loved seeing them express themselves. The Tweet saw a +365% bump in Retweets and +250% bump in Favorites when compared to Innocent Drink’s historical engagement levels:

ASOS got into the groove with a good safety reminder from The Incredibles, and with it a bump of +6,700% in Retweets and +2,100% in Favorites when compared to the brand’s last 3,200 Tweets:

Benefit UK brought a ray of light full of support for Madge, and their followers responded with 5X more Retweets and 6X more Favorites than they normally see:

And one of the largest social wins of the night came from, believe it or not, the local Newcastle Airport social media team. They crafted a lucky star of a Tweet, which generated a sky-high +25,000% bump in Retweets and +21,000% bump in Favorites vs. their historical averages:

A Great Night for Stars and Social

Every year, the Brit Awards offers a refreshing view into some of music’s best acts, and celebrates the best talent in the UK and beyond. This year, social pushed the discussion worldwide, and gave stars, fans, and brands the chance to build a second screen conversation on top of an already entertaining experience. By combining the power of broadcast and social, the Brit Awards had the entire world moving in...one direction. That’s right, I said it.

Until last night's massive Tweet turnout, the 2014 Brit Awards was the most Tweeted music TV Show in UK History. See how they did it: 

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