10 Things you Might Not Know about Trevor Noah

For Spredfast’s fifth Summit, we’re putting on our biggest and boldest event yet: compelling breakout sessions, unparalleled networking opportunities with the brightest in social, and—you guessed it—household-name keynote speakers bound to inspire you. We can’t wait to hear from Trevor Noah at our Summit on October 28—which, coincidentally, is exactly one year after Noah made his debut as host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show, on Comedy Central.

Noah launched his career in post-apartheid South Africa before making his U.S. late night debut in 2012. He has tackled major social and political topics in his one-man show The Racist and the 2015 comedy special Lost in Translation. But there’s so much more to our keynote speaker—so we’ve taken the liberty of finding 10 things you may not know about Trevor Noah and rounding them up here.

10 Things you Might Not Know About Trevor Noah

10) He speaks six different languages, making him a polyglot. Four of the languages he speaks are South African and the other two are English and German.

Source: msnbc.com

9) Noah’s mother was black Xhosa and his father was white Swiss-German, and because they lived in South Africa and the country was under an apartheid system, their partnership was illegal. In one of his jokes, Noah reveals how his mother and father had to act like they were not together when walking on the street and passing cops. His mother would walk behind him and his father would wave to him from across street.

Sources: Biography.com, nationalpost.com

8) In his late teens, Noah was in a South African soap opera called Isidingo. Then in 2008, Noah was on South Africa’s version of Dancing With the Stars, called Strictly Come Dancing, and he came in second place with his partner.

Sources: today.com and VH1.com

7) In 2012, Noah made his first U.S. TV appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. That appearance made him the first South African comedian to appear on the program. Following that, he also then went on to become the first South African comedian on Late Night with David Letterman.

Source: NY Daily News

6) The documentary You Laugh But it’s True covers Noah’s career in post-apartheid South Africa, chronicling his preparation for his one-man comedy show.

Sources: msnbc.com, nytimes.com

5) Noah's mother named him Trevor in tribute to John Travolta, her favorite celebrity. In a quote to Daily Mail she says that “Trevor was the closest I could get to Travolta.”

Source: dailymail.co

4) Noah got the gig hosting The Daily Show after appearing as a correspondent just three times.

Source: Playboy.com

3) He has 3.98 million followers on Twitter and 3.15 million Facebook fans.

Sources: Twitter, Facebook

2) In one interview, Noah was asked about his first impression of the United States. His answer? “I was like, I’ve never seen so much choice in my life.”

Source: Playboy.com

1) He is 32, which makes him the youngest host yet on The Daily Show, compared to Jon Stewart who started hosting at 37 and Craig Kilborn who started hosting at 34.

Source: nationalpost.com

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