10 Tips to Make Your Blog Best in Show

Blogging has been a popular social media channel for companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes for some time. But what things can marketers do to ensure their blog is truly best in breed? We’ve shared 10 proven blog best practices to help give any blogger direction for starting a new blog or optimizing their current blog in our new tip sheet “10 Tips to Make Your Blog Best in Show”.  The tip sheet has in-depth tips, best practices and examples, but here is an overview of the 10 tips.

Blog Focus Best in ShowDog show enthusiasts, enjoy…

1. Focus. The way you will keep readers coming back again and again is by providing quality content that focuses on one subject area.

2. Embed Visuals. Blog are an awesome social media channel because they allow authors to incorporate powerful visuals. Don’t just rely on words but gain the attention and interest of readers with images, video or interactive elements.

3. Aggregate News & Insights. Readers will return continuously for your content. But pulling together ideas and news from around the space you focus on will provide another layer of value, while also giving link love to other bloggers.

Blog Insights4. Provide a Call to Action. Give your readers something to do once they read your post. Want them to download a new resource or visit another site? Ask/offer this to help convert readers.

5. Link. Create a blogroll. Link to other leaders in your space. Help build a sense of community in your industry.

6. Welcome Guest Posts. Diversify your content with another point of view or another trusted source writing about a topic pertinent to your readers.

7. Ask for Feedback. Social media is powerful because it allows for two way communication and engagement. Ask questions or allow for other forms of feedback in your posts to maximize the opportunity of feedback for your readers. They will appreciate you more for it.

8. Comment Yourself. Don’t just ask people to comment on your blog – comment on others, too. This shows other blogger you are listening and interested in their points of view.

Bog Guest Post9. Include Keywords. Search results can greatly benefit from a blog. Make sure keywords are in your title, your blog tags and in the body on your post.

10. Provide Subscription Options. Multiple options. Allow people to use an RSS reader, an email subscription or even subscribe to your newsletter easily from your blog.

Creating and maintaining a successful blog doesn’t have to be difficult but it does need to be well though out and properly maintained. With these 10 tips, any blogger can build a foundation for a solid, effective blog.

Want to access the full-length “10 Tips to Make Your Blog Best in Show” tip sheet? It’s available and posted up on Slideshare.

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