11 Must-Have SXSW Panels You Probably Didn’t Know About

Leading social and digital marketers flock to Austin twice a year:  SXSW Interactive and our own Spredfast Summit.  You might have seen our announcement last week revealing BuzzFeed's Jonah Peretti as one of our Summit keynote speakers (alongside Charles Duhigg and Lori Schwartz.)  While we can't wait for Summit in October, we're also gearing up for next March when the brightest minds in the business and tech return to Austin for SXSWi.  

In true BuzzFeed-fashion, we've pulled together 11 SXSW Panels you probably never knew you needed that will definitely make your SXSW better than ever. The SXSW Panel Picker is open until September 5th. Vote now, or later, but definitely before September 5th.  

1. The panel that reveals a whole new world of social.

Our CEO, Rod Favaron, will discuss the transformation of social as a way of conducting business both internally and externally. Hear about social’s movement into different departments and how companies are embracing it and seeing results.

Social’s Evolution from the Basement to the Boardroom

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2. The panel that will transport you back to the future.

Where do we see social 5 years from now? How about the year 2020? Manish Mehta, Spredfast’s Chief Product Officer, will lead a session exploring the technologies needed to maintain brand-consumer relationships in the next phase of digital evolution.

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3. The panel that will help you achieve BFF status with your customers.

Brands want to talk with their consumers but finding the right topics of conversation can be difficult. In this session, audiences will hear how PacSun is regularly interacting with customers using strategic insights about their audience to guide communication and content.

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

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4. The panel that will remind you who runs the world. (Girls.)

Hear from Jan Ryan, successful software tech CEO and Founder of Women@Austin, and Virginia Miracle, Chief Customer Officer of Spredfast and Women@Austin Steering Committee member, as they lead a discussion about fostering and empowering a community of female leaders within the technology landscape.

Get a Seat in the C-Suite: Fostering Women Leaders

SXSW: Get a Seat in the C-Suite: Fostering Women Leaders

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5. The panel that talks about the insatiable hunger for second screen experiences.

CBC is leading the charge around integrating social TV into TV shows. In this session, audiences will hear from Spredfast’s VP of Media and Entertainment, Josh Rickel, and CBC about best practices for social TV, the role it plays in a show’s success and how it has forever changed the way we watch TV.

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6. The panel for people who think social data is beautiful not beastly.

Real-time marketing is taking over the digital world. Today's marketing challenge lies in the ability to be relevant on a daily basis to an audience whose attention shifts every day, every hour. In this reading, Chris Kerns, author of the newly published Trendology and Spredfast's director of research and analytics, will share key takeaways from his book. 

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7. The panel for brand marketers who want to be brave. (And paint with all the colors of the wind.)

Our VP of Social Strategy, Ashley Brown, will discuss the way in which brands and media interact with their audience using digital media. In a world where billions of pieces of social content are being shared daily, brands must become the benchmark, not simply meet it.

The New Content Imperative: Be Brave, Not Boring

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8. The panel for people who never want to suffer from another case of the Mondays.

Over the course of their lifetime, the average American will spend 90,000 hours at work. Shouldn't we enjoy the place where we spend such a significant portion of our lives? In this session, we’ll share how we took the best of what we learned at previous companies and merged them into a new culture that has made Spredfast one of the best places to work in Austin.

This Ain’t your Father’s Office

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9. The panel for people who want to relive the World Cup magic. #BecauseFutbol

With a record-breaking 618,000 Tweets-per-Minute and 280 million Facebook interactions from more than 88 million users worldwide, the 2014 World Cup final game took the title of the "most social event in history." The TV network behind these numbers? ESPN. Hear from Spredfast and ESPN on how they earned their title.

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10. The panel for brands looking to find their social voice.

In this session, learn how Spredfast, in partnership with Facebook’s Consumer Marketing team, has given a human voice to the brand, taken a unique approach to community management and is pushing the boundaries of its own technology to drive increased consumer engagement.

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11. The panel for the attendee who wants to get in on the action

Enough of the pontificating panel! In a rapid and fast paced (gameshow like) session, we put the audience (that means YOU) in the hot seat as the experts on the future of social for the fourth year in a row. The insights from brands, agencies and consultants are fascinating. Fun and insightful, this session promises more help in preparing for the future of social than anything else in your future!

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Whew- get ready for SXSW

Whew, that was a lot of awesome sessions. Vote for your favorites and we'll see you at the Convention Center and at all of our other exciting SXSW events. Can't wait till March?  Tell us what other social marketing events you'll be at between now and then in the comments. 

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Brittany Edwards

Brittany is a Marketing Manager on the Brand Communications team at Spredfast where she leads the company's executive visibility and analyst relations programs. She spends her spare time chasing after her energetic toddler, playing soccer and enjoying all-things food related that Austin has to offer with her family.