14 Unforgettable Moments at Spredfast Summit

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already wrapped another Spredfast Summit. In 2013, we talked about why brands were social. This year, with the help of social practitioners from brands like Hyatt, Fox Sports, and Bank of America, we talked about how to connect with social consumers, something we call marketing at the speed of life.

Whether you were able to join us in Austin or you want to see what your social peers were up to last week, join us in reliving some of the best moments from Summit.

1. When we shared the three rhythms every marketer needs to know.

Marketers need to master these three rhythms to take their digital marketing programs to the next level.

2. That time when Jonah Peretti shared his take on buzzworthy content.

See Jonah’s three big content takeaways in our full session recap.

3. Story time with Manish Mehta, our Chief Product Officer.

Dogs. Babies. Enterprise software. All the classical compontents of a great story.

4. Remember when Virginia Miracle announced the launch of our customer community?

We hear it every year at SXSW and Summit—our brilliant customers love to connect with one another. So we’re putting you in touch 24/7.

5. Or that time when we all toasted with champagne…in a can?

Why were we doing that again?

6. That’s right, we were celebrating the amazing work our customers do in social marketing every day.

Congrats to Hyatt, HBO, ESPN, Footlocker, and Target, the winners of our first ever Customer Awards.

7. Brief music interlude while we remember Trombone Shorty breaking it down on the Belmont Stage.



I mean come ON. #SFsummit

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This is how you party, #SFSummit style. Trombone Shorty jazzing up The Belmont #ATX #ConquerTheCosmos

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OK, where were we?

8. Remember when Chris Kerns taught us that real-time can happen all the time?

Want more RTM wisdom from Kerns? Find him weekly on the Spredfast Blog.

9. Or when Charles Duhigg taught us about the power of habit?

Whether you’re trying to make social a daily habit with your local employees or with your consumers, think about this: according to Duhigg, the most powerful reward you can give someone is to relieve tension.

10. That time when Lori H. Schwartz told us what it takes to do the next big thing.

And brought up Viacom’s Sarah Iooss and PepsiCo’s Mike Scafidi for an expert panel on social storytelling.

11. When Blake Chandlee warned the room not to act like the incumbent (even if you are).

Do you think Zuck and Sheryl got where they are by resting on their laurels?

12. Remember when that one guy looked like that other guy?

Charles Duhigg or the guy from SNL?

We can neither confirm, nor deny, whether our CMO is related to any other celebrity Austinites.

I even got in on the action. No keynote speaker was safe from doppelgänger analysis.

13. In fact, the winner of our “See and Be Seen” Summit Contest was a speculatory Tweet about Jonah Peretti’s true identity.

Congrats to ESPN's Gabe Goodwin, our contest winner.

14. And, finally, all those times swag magically appeared.



#notaproblem #stayawesome #sfsummit

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No self-respecting conference would go without it.


Thanks for making another Summit memorable. Still want to savor more moments from Spredfast Summit? Presentations are available on Slideshare and we’ll be breaking down our favorite session takeaways on the blog over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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Courtney is the Content Marketing Manager at Spredfast. She focuses on sharing smart social ideas and insights to transform the way companies connect with consumers. Courtney is a passionate football fan (supporting Arsenal and the USMNT), curious traveller, and ambitious home cook.