15 Stats to Jumpstart your 2015 Resolutions

It’s that time of year where you reflect on what you’ve accomplished and start dreaming big about what’s to come in the New Year. Ha ha, just kidding, there are two more weeks of revelry, eating and drinking with reckless abandon, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

As it should be.

Bookmark this post, and pull it back out on January 30th when you do decide to get serious about your New Year’s Resolutions. As you make a list of all the ways you plan to become an even better person than you already are (how is that possible?), don’t forget to add a few professional resolutions to amp up your social marketing game.

We asked marketers from a few top social brands what their big priorities are in 2015. See their social marketing resolutions and check out key industry stats that will motivate them (and you) to see them through.

If you want to make more, better content with less guesswork like Abercrombie & Fitch:


1.  Your peers are getting smarter with data.
74.1% of Companies use data and insights to identify social marketing strategies that influence customers (source)

2. But there is still a learning curve.
Three out of four marketers find it challenging to accurately measure the business value of their social marketing efforts. (source)


If you want to use social to elevate your media brand like FOX Sports:


3. Social media raises awareness of TV programs.
A quarter of TV viewers report being more aware of programming as a result of social media and, as a result, they are watching more TV both on-demand and in real-time. (source)

4. Brand and talent participation in social media drives engagement.
Shows that have cast members live-Tweet during the premiere see 64% more Tweets that day compared to programs that do nothing. Shows that live-Tweet from the official handle also see a 7% increase over those that don’t. (source)

5. People are talking before, during, and after your show.
The majority of weekly Twitter TV activity—68% of Tweets—takes place within the live airing window around a program. But that means a whopping 32% of social TV conversations take place in between episodes. (source)

If you want to incorporate more User Generated Content like Arbonne:


6.  A majority of brands are converging owned and earned media.
61% of companies curate social content on owned channels. (source)

7. You never get what you don’t ask for.
To foster audience involvement, 69% of companies encourage and/or recognize customers that talk about them on social networks. (source)

If you want to think bigger about social while also getting smaller (read as: more targeted) like Hill Holliday:


8. Say sayonara to silos in 2015.
66.9% of enterprise companies are integrating social marketing efforts with broader marketing efforts in their organization. (source)

9. More targeted = more valuable.
90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. (source)

10. Your peers are getting the right content to the right people.
74% of companies have a process in place to deliver relevant content across social marketing channels. (source)


If you want to ace paid social like National Instruments:


11. Facebook advertising positively impacts paid search performance.
One study showed that incorporating Facebook advertising drove an average 19% increase in total conversions and a 10% average drop in cost per acquisition. (source)

12. Twitter Ads influence purchasing decisions.
54% of Twitter users said that seeing an advertised offer made them more likely to buy a product. (source)

13. Optimize for mobile.
70% of clicks from LinkedIn Sponsored Updates come from mobile. (source)

If you want to become a bona fide social business like Hyatt Hotels:


14.  It starts at the top.
78% of companies place the responsibility of social marketing under a CMO, C-Level executive or an Executive/Vice President. (source)

15. Social is spreading across multiple business functions.
The top business functions involved in social marketing are marketing, PR/Media Relations, Legal, and IT. (source)


Want more data to fuel your 2015 resolutions? Download the 2014 State of Enterprise Social Marketing Report packed with insights from commissioned research by Forrester Consulting. 


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