2012 Social Engagement Exam - Social Brands at a Glance

As 2012 comes to a close, we've spent some time reflecting on success trends and benchmarks across the landscape of corporate social marketing programs - many of which were uncovered  in the 2012 Social Engagement Index Benchmark.

The report, analyzing internal and external social engagement of 154 large companies, made it clear that  more people are engaging in more places to engage in more conversations. And that this engagement is happening across brands of all industries.

In the spirit of helping social brands see how they "stack up" to peers, we created and invite you to take the Social Engagement Exam. (As a holiday bonus, we've even filled the answers in for you.)

Here's the Cliff's Notes of the top 6 takeaways you should keep top of mind.

  1. Companies are managing more social accounts than ever, via more social users
  2. The lion"™s share of engagement is happening on Facebook
  3. Facebook sees nearly 10x more engagement over Twitter
  4. Twitter sees over 3x more company activity than Facebook
  5. Large companies"™ average Facebook fan base is 10x larger than their Twitter follower base
  6. Companies are now seeing reach of close to 50M social impressions per quarter


For all the findings, here's the full Spredfast Social Engagement Benchmark Report

Happy social planning in the New Year - and happy holidays from Spredfast!


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