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3 Ways the NFL Excels at Social Media Marketing

March 15, 2018
We've got three ways the NFL excels at social media that your brand can use to shape its strategy.
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Social Media Needs an Airbag

March 12, 2018
At SXSW, Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron presented the airbag, and its history, as a compelling metaphor for the state of social media today—and for what a safer social media landscape might look like tomorrow.
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Why #Metoo Saw More Social Conversation Volume Than the Superbowl

March 8, 2018
Social media has helped expose harsh realities, shown support for victims, and shifted our cultural tolerance for gender-based inequity and how we treat the predators who prey on it.
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5 Considerations for Developing Effective Measurement Framework

March 6, 2018
Building a clear and effective measurement framework can lead to a more concise read on your social media ROI.
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6 Facebook Stats to Drive your 2018 Marketing Strategy

March 2, 2018
Facebook's growth is unparalleled—here are six new stats to drive your strategy on the social media juggernaut in 2018.
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Know more about your buyer: Spredfast adds reviews from 100+ sites

February 27, 2018
Spredfast now manages reviews from 100+ sites alongside all your other social media channels. Here's why we think that matters.
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Spredfast Recognized as a 2018 Top-Rated Social Media Management Tool by TrustRadius

February 22, 2018
Spredfast was named a Top Rated Social Media Management Tool by TrustRadius in 2018. Here's what that means to us—and for our customers.
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Instagram Stories at the Olympics: What your Brand can Learn

February 21, 2018
Instagram Stories offer brands new ways to connect with audiences—and Olympic Athletes are showing us how.
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How Spredfast and POSSIBLE are Combating Hate Speech

February 15, 2018
Spredfast has partnered with POSSIBLE to combat hate speech—here's how it works.
SXSW panels
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Must-Attend SXSW Panels for B2B Marketers

February 9, 2018
Is SXSW worth your time as a B2B marketer? Here's our argument behind our answer: yes.

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