2014 Is Off To A Great Start

1524613_715299705156353_1130113301_nIf you are reading this post on our website, you might have noticed what is the most visually recognizable change here at Spredfast in 2014 – a refreshed look and feel to our Spredfast brand. The story behind our new mark is rooted in one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, Morse Code.   The dots represent Morse Code for “s” and “f”, the two central letters in our name and earlier identities. A precursor to social media, Morse Code was and is about communication and connection. It is universal. And it has its own language and dynamics. With social, we can give you the tools to connect with people and deliver great experiences.   Last Friday, you might have also seen that we welcomed another investor – Lead Edge Capital – to the Spredfast family as they led a round of $32.5 million in growth capital.  We know social is now the most powerful technology brands have to build and sustain relationships with customers.   We also know that you’re continually challenged to better connect social engagement to business impact.  Our latest funding allows us to grow our team in every area of the company so our social relationship platform can continue to lead this market.   If you ask my team, they will tell you that I am someone that tends to look forward more than backward.  So, I will be brief in my recap of 2013. We saw exceptional growth – tripling our revenue year over year. We deepened our relationship with existing customers and brought exciting new brands onto the Spredfast platform. We worked closely with our network partners at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to deliver innovative new social engagement capabilities that big brands use to deepen relationships with consumers. It was a great year.   Whenever I reflect on major milestones for our company, my first thought is always about our customers. Our story – and our evolution – is always grounded in helping our customers’ journeys to connect their brands to the social web. I am continually humbled by the trust our customers place in us. If you are a current Spredfast customer, know we are focused every day on delivering the platform and services you need to be successful.  These are just the first two announcements of 2014. We are already working on the next set of exciting news. It is going to be an exciting, fast paced year in social and here at Spredfast.   #staysocial.

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Rod Favaron

Rod has served as President and CEO of Spredfast for the past five years, leading overall company operations and long-term strategic direction alike. Under Rod’s direction, the Spredfast team of over 500 employees helps more than 650 of the world’s largest brands connect to the people they care about most.