25 Things to Do and Not Do to Have a Stronger Facebook Presence

The Altimter Group and Jeremiah Owyang published a great report on how to market using a Facebook Page. Spredfast was honored to be among the resources Jeremiah tapped to research that report.

The link to the Altimeter presentation on Slideshare is provided at the bottom of this post. We hope you take time to read through the 25 Do's and Dont's that Spredfast preaches with our clients.

The Do's: On a Page

  1. Take advantage of the ability to create custom content on a tab using the static FBML application, and make this tab the default landing page to new visitors.
  2. On the Wall tab, make sure you show content from the Page and from Fans, and auto-expand comments, so it is clear to visitors that there is a level of engagement happening on the Page.
  3. Be very involved in the conversation happening on your Page.
  4. Update the content on the Page regularly with a mixture of original wall post content, wall post referrals to other pertinent content, video and photos. Try not to post to the wall more than 3 time per day.
  5. Allow fans to post video and photos to the Page. Reach out to those that do and thank them.
  6. Use Facebook Events to promote your real events, even if they require registration. Simply provide a link in the Facebook Event description to the event registration page and ask people to both register and "attend" in Facebook.
  7. If you have events where you can get Facebook fans to attend in person, get photos and videos, post them to Facebook and tag those Fans in the content.
  8. Find other, relevant Pages and add them to your Favorites. Usually, that Page will return the favor and hopefully drive more people to your Page.
  9. Advertise your Page on your other web properties and content streams, including the ability to become a fan and subscribe to updates via Text.
  10. Be sure to adopt to personal tone with your communications on the Page, even going so far as to identify the author in posts. Couple this with photos of the authors, so people can put a face with a name.
  11. Target Page Updates and Posts using the built in targeting functionality.
  12. Ask your Fans to suggest the Page to other people periodically.
  13. Frequently make the content about the Fans themselves by asking questions, posting Fan stories, and commenting on their activities.
  14. Find existing Pages centered on your brand and engage with them. Support them with content and information.
  15. Offer insider information that only Fans have access to.

On Profiles

  1. Be sure employees who are engaging in Facebook activities on behalf of the company have good, consistent company information, and that your social media policy is well understood by these folks.
  2. Prominently promote the company Page.
  3. Add contest and promotional applications to these profile for greater spread across Facebook. Be sure to include an invitation component to the app, but never require invitations to be sent in order to progress in the app.
  4. Offer insider information that only Friends have access to.

The Do Not's:

  1. Don't make the content on your Page or Profiles all about the company. Fans don't want just another version of the website.
  2. Don't disappear on your community. Engage daily.
  3. Don't overpost so that your Page becomes a nuisance. 2 or 3 times per day maximum.
  4. Don't overdo it with contest application. Be selective, and make the app a high quality experience.
  5. Don't try to own all of your brand presence. Collaborate with those people who have started Pages and Groups around your brand.
  6. Don't take it for granted. Monitor what is happening on your Pages and Profiles by using the data provided by Facebook or other sources (like Spredfast).

You can check out Jeremiah's report here:

Or read the Atimeter Group report in Slideshare. It is very good.

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