3 Areas of Social that are Critical to Your Business in 2018

Every new year starts with a similar narrative: we kick off our list of resolutions (mine this year included saving, blogging and cooking at home more often). In short, we’re trying to get our lives together. But, as many of us know (and as studies show), it’s very rare that we keep our resolutions for the whole year. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. But some resolutions deserve a redoubling of effort—like the three to follow here. Unlike your short-lived resolutions, you should not lose sight of these for your business in 2018.

In 2017, we saw some of our own coming-of-age moments at Spredfast and across our platform.  There were some really exciting rollouts across our Care and Marketing solutions, the introduction of new capability and improved design to our core product, Conversations, and valuable enhancements to our self-serve solutions with the introduction of in-platform search.  Across these investments, there has always been a common thread of finding ways to make our users more productive, efficient, and successful in social and business.

In 2018, we’ll continue to be your champion, helping your teams to work smarter and more efficiently each day. That means we’ll think even more about how we can deliver a platform that provides consistent value that you can rely on. Along the way, we’ll ask for your feedback on ongoing enhancements and your experiences in the platform, understanding what’s working and what would make your experience that much better. Let’s now dive into the three areas of social that are absolutely critical for business success in 2018.

1. Make sure your labels taxonomy truly reflects your business.

If you do one thing this year, make it this: challenge yourself to attribute every single piece of content that you push out on social with labels. This attribution is fundamental to getting a full picture of your social performance and measuring what matters to the broader business. Social shouldn’t be in a silo. As both your brand’s megaphone and the best place for you to foster 1-to-1 connections with your customers, it’s a crucial part of your business. By attributing your content to broader themes, business priorities, and organizational metrics through a structured labeling hierarchy, you now have the foundation to translate your success to metrics and terminology that resonate across your organization.

Customers who have implemented this philosophy of social attribution through labels have seen huge wins. To share a few examples, one of our luxury retail customers who focuses heavily on social customer care is now able to attribute tags across their multiple support channels, which means consistent attribution and reporting for a more holistic view of what’s happening in their customer base. One of our biggest sports customers has also implemented our social attribution management system.  They are now attributing 100% of their outbound content with business context (up from 30% of content tagged with attribution), which means more consistent and accurate reporting for their business.

Social attribution through labels is game-changing for brands and critical in taking your social maturity to the next level. Start to integrate business attribution into your social strategy today.

2. Get serious about KPIs and measurement.

We believe in helping you understand the value that social brings to your business. That means knowing both what and how to measure social media performance. The better you can articulate and showcase this to your leadership in 2018, the more impactful social will be for your business overall (ie. higher investment in social!) Last month, we partnered with one of the top influencers in the social space – Jay Baer – to share strategies alongside our CMO Jim Rudden to inform your social media measurement approach in the year ahead. The session was fast-paced, practical, and our top attended hosted-webinar to date. Take a peek by signing up on demand to watch the recording.

3. Inform every tentpole event with data that matters.

During this year’s Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, and most recently the Oscars, we saw some really powerful uses of our Intelligence product from several of our customers. In fact, one of the largest global CPG brands was able to jump into Intelligence to track not only their share of voice around the Super Bowl, but get brand and competitor insights for proof points of the performance of their marketing efforts. With Intelligence, they were able to get immediate and complete results that let them see their wins and report out to the rest of the organization following this huge event.

Intelligence makes social data relevant to your business in several key ways: 1) gives brands the opportunity to uncover real-time trending content for organic opportunities 2) surfaces insights to help you understand audience profiles in order to create the most effective content 3) tracks and reports performance on social, helping you to plan ahead and course correct in real-time. There are some big cultural events coming up in the next few months – from International Women’s Day to the World Cup. Make this the year your team engages in these cultural events in relevant ways with the full power our Intelligence real-time data tool. Sign up for a Q&A session with one of our product experts today.  

Thank you for your continued customer partnership – we can’t wait for a tremendous 2018 with you all.


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Virginia is focused on Spredfast customer success at every stage of the partnership journey. She leads the team dedicated to the customer experience including account management, strategic services, training, and enablement, and has over a decade of experience in providing social media and marketing strategy to leading enterprise brands.