3 Medal-Winning Social Strategies you can Borrow from the Olympics

Editor’s note: As you make your marketing plans for the Olympics, please keep in mind the Olympic committee’s updated guidelines for promotion—they’re fairly strict. Find good info here.

The upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio this summer has us thinking about just how apt sports metaphors can be for social media: think, “Message branding isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon”; “Make every campaign a hole-in-one”; and even “Remember to always follow through.”

But the Olympics are more than a simple metaphor: just as the 2016 Summer Games will be an opportunity for countries around the world to showcase their best competitors, so too are the Games an opportunity for brands and media companies to reach new audiences and experiment with edgy, fun campaigns—and Spredfast’s platform can help social media teams take home the gold.

Three ways to help your brand make a great showing at this year’s Summer Olympics:

1. In the social care relay race, play off of your team’s strengths:

Organization is key when it comes to social care: with every incoming direct message, public tweet, or brand-page comment managers must pass the baton to the correct team member so that social chatter is maximized and customers receive prompt responses.

In August, relay racers from around the world will toe the line and wait for their relay-race teammates, hands outstretched and palms facing upward, ready to receive the baton. Coaches don’t just flip a coin to assign relay placement; instead runners are strategically ordered to capitalize on the particular needs of each leg of the race: the runner who never has a false starts first, the fighter last, the best sprinter second. Social media managers must also act strategically and play off of their team’s strengths. With Spredfast Conversations, you can find, filter, and monitor social conversations, keep track of who’s receiving the baton in each situation, and track and improve your social care team’s performance with metrics. And just like Jackie Joyner-Kersee, you’ll be proud of your finish-line stats.

Photo by Matt Lee at Unsplash

2: Always return the volley in real-time marketing:

In real-time marketing, just as in tennis, quick reactions and accurate anticipation are the difference between winners and losers. Just like Serena Williams never just plays in the present, social media teams must think a few strokes ahead to shape the game to their advantage.

Media companies can make quick, smart decisions about which fans to engage, which content to promote, and what to say with Intelligence—and just like Roger Federer attacking the net, you’ll be able to move quickly by discovering content and engaging with it all in the same place.

Brands can quickly discover and join conversations their audience cares about with Spredfast’s Intelligence tool. Brooks Brothers did just that, using native social chatter to their advantage. When ESPN Analyst and retired soccer player, Taylor Twellman tweeted that he was helping his fellow retired soccer player, Alexi Lalas, find shoes at a Brooks Brothers store, Brooks Brothers was able to quickly discover the tweet using Spredfast Conversations, and Intelligence helped them shape the moment to their advantage by amplifying the interaction and keeping control of the ball. Brooks Brothers cleverly delivered a pair of shoes to Twellman’s hotel with a highly tweetable note suggesting he surprise his friend with the gift, then they used Intelligence to track fan engagement.

Spredfast can help both media companies and brands unearth high-profile social media chatter and use it to their advantage–creating spontaneous, fun campaigns that are likely to bring in high levels of audience engagement.

3: Ensure your content reaches Olympic-caliber audience connection:

No one makes it to the Olympics without a stellar combination of natural talent (your great content) and expert training and coaching (this is where Spredfast comes in).

Social media teams can get quite far with their brand or media company’s outstanding content, but the Spredfast platform can help teams truly reach Olympic-caliber audience connection and engagement. In preparation for this year’s Summer Games, world-class athletes must filter out the noise and streamline every aspect of their life (from training, to diet, to sleep, and even personal relationships). Media companies and brands hoping to target the right content to the right audiences during the hoopla this August must also enter the season with a winning game plan. HSN offers a great model: they developed a social media toolkit for their celebrity clients, including how often and when to post on which social channels–including, of course, advice about what to post, complete with hashtag assistance.

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