3 Reasons Spredfast Summit Made so Many 2017 Must-Attend Lists

We’re about to hold our sixth annual Smart Social Summit conference in sunny Austin, Texas. But as we continue to look forward to the mid-October festivities, we also want to take a moment to look back: We’re proud to say we made the following 2017 social marketing conference must-attend lists: Curata, Buffer Social, Marketing Insider Group, Maximize Social Business, Square 2 Marketing, and Social Media Examiner.

As the lead of content operations in marketing at Spredfast, it’s my happy task to absorb everything noteworthy at Summit and turn it into lasting content assets (like this and this). And this year’s schedule has me even more excited. Spredfast Summit features the best of #ATX food and drink all in the centrally located (and beautifully appointed) W Hotel & ACL Live at the Moody Theater. But beyond the creature comforts are three big reasons we think we’ve made all those must-attend lists: our unparalleled content, our meaningful networking opportunities, and the experience enjoyed by our attendees—700 of social marketing’s best and brightest. Here are three benefits you can plan on enjoying while in Austin—and, because we know tooting our own horn means less, three quotes from former attendees speaking to each benefit:

Stand-Out Content

Summit content is designed to connect marketers with the ideas and people that will help them solve practical problems and make them even smarter. This year, Summit will feature 19 sessions with dozens of speakers and many styles of content. (Maybe you heard about our headline keynote?

Our main stage will feature a keynote address from General Motors’ VP of Urban Mobility and Maven, Julia Steyn, and we’ll also hear from Facebook’s Kunal Merchant and Airbnb’s Caitlin Choate, among several other exciting names. Check out our full schedule for more details to anticipate.

Beyond the main stage, we’ll have four other content formats for our attendees: Our breakout sessions will focus on thought leadership and will feature customer speakers, presentations, and panels. Our workshops will be discussion-based activities relevant to each topic with hands-on interaction, meaning you’ll not only be absorbing content, you’ll be contributing, too, which is an easier sell to conference-approving bosses (though if you need even more, we can help you out). Our product roadmaps will showcase upcoming product developments and our solutions spotlight will be geared toward helping our customers optimize their daily usage.

The bottom line? During Summit, we’ll not only explore what’s happening with social now, but together we’ll begin to build the future of social.

Meaningful Networking

At Summit, networking isn’t something we hope happens, and it isn’t a happy accident when it does: instead, networking is baked into the conference’s very framework. We organize several formats for attendees to forge meaningful, lasting relationships with each other.

Networking is baked into the very framework of Smart Social Summit.


During Summit, casual meals are shared as you relax and mingle, offering the opportunity for spontaneous connections. Our welcome mixer, with food and drink good enough to hold the attention of even the road-weary, and our classic ATX bash at Banger’s (detailed below) both offer more opportunities for you to form real connections.

But while spontaneous encounters based on mutual interests are networking gold, we like to stack the deck a little, too. As such, the workshop sessions we detailed above are designed to facilitate networking opportunities. In each workshop, attendees will find themselves in a room full of people with similar interest in the topic at hand, and workshop leads will organize attendees into small groups and offer conversational prompts. No matter how you organize your time, Summit will provide many occasions to form meaningful relationships with fellow social marketers.

A Unique Experience

Social is always on, and as such, so are social marketers. That means they can only step away from their demanding, fast-paced positions to attend conferences that will truly add value to their present and future—which is why we make sure each moment packs a punch but that no one feels harried or rushed. At Summit, not only will you have access to the killer content and networking experiences outlined above, but you’ll also get a taste of true Texas hospitality, and that includes good eats and lots of fun.

Again this year, plan on joining us at Banger’s Beer Garden for a true Texas BBQ. We’re celebrating this year’s Summit with 100 beers on tap, and the chance to take in Austin’s famous Rainey Street. And don’t worry about the transportation piece either—our sponsor Lyft will be there to help you get from venue to venue with ease.

Every year, Summit brings together representatives from the world’s largest brands, agencies, and media companies in an intimate setting bursting with bright minds and smart content. This year, we hope to see you among them.

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Jaime Netzer is Spredfast's Senior Content Marketing Manager, leading content operations. A Lawrence, Kansas native, she traded seasons for breakfast tacos seven years ago and hasn't looked back since. Also a fiction writer and journalist, Jaime tweets semi-regularly and reads constantly.