3 Ways Data Strengthens Customer Relationships: Introducing Promotions

The buzzword for marketers in 2015 was data—are you collecting it? Storing it appropriately? And of course, are you using it to better connect with your consumers?

According to a IBM Ecommerce and Econsultancy study, brands still have a long journey ahead of them to crack the code on using data effectively. While 90 percent of brands agreed that personalizing the customer experience is critical to success, nearly 80 percent of consumers declared that the average brand doesn’t understand them as an individual. This contrast—obviously—presents a challenge and an opportunity alike.

Where there’s hope: 61 percent of consumers said they’d be willing to share their personally identifiable information with a brand they trust, and 37 percent with an average brand. One of the best ways to collect consumer data is to run a promotion. Social promotions are a tried-and-true tactic for piquing the interest of current customers, driving engagement, and of course, collecting specific data to use in future marketing initiatives.

How can you use the data you’ve worked so hard to collect? Let’s dive into three specific ways.

1. Activate Your Most Powerful Customers - Brand Advocates

Loyal customers and advocates are key to brand success. Failure to cater to this special group of customers can detract from brand perception and revenue, but success wooing your most supportive fans can have a positive lift on many levels.

Create a contest targeted specifically for your advocates, offering them something they can’t refuse. Once you’ve collected the data, analyze the demographics of your advocate group and mine the insights on what makes this group tick. You can then use these insights to develop new marketing tactics that truly resonate.

2. Make Customers Part of Your Product Strategy

When developing a new product, offer a promotion—great prize included, of course—for consumers to vote on new concepts and provide feedback. Not only do brands win by gathering intel before putting resources into new products, but consumers feel they are contributing to a brand that they feel strongly about, deepening the relationship and securing loyalty.

3. Deliver Strategic Personalized Messages

Consumers are willing to share information—if it’s used appropriately. With each promotion, contest, and sweepstakes, develop your post-promotion strategy and use that data to create relevant messages for your audience. If you ask for their birthdate, be sure to deliver a birthday special. Don’t collect a ton of data just to sit on it. Instead, use it strategically to connect with your customer and drive your objectives.

Interested in how you can collect data and make strategic use of it in your marketing efforts? Check out our newest product, Spredfast Promotions. For more information, visit our new Promotions product page.

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