3 Ways to Elevate Your Social Data: Spredfast + Business Intelligence

We like to say here at Spredfast that “social isn’t a silo” — we know that our customers are using a range of enterprise platforms that could benefit from the quantity and quality of unique conversations occurring between brand and consumer. As we explored connecting the dots for our customers, it became obvious that one of the most beneficial ways to bridge these disparate platforms was to share our vast breadth of social data with their other enterprise platforms, data warehouses, and 3rd-party data visualization tools.

Today, we’re excited to welcome our newest group of partners to the Spredfast ecosystem to solve this need: Business intelligence. Spredfast customers can share their Spredfast data and performance analytics with three of the top business intelligence platforms on the market — Domo, Origami Logic, and Tableau. Business intelligence customers use these platforms to consolidate their disparate data sources from across the enterprise into a single place. Business intelligence technology allows organizations to bring awareness to data that was previously guarded within teams, make connections and draw insights across departments, and share your crucial data to key leaders in a simple manner.

Here are a few reasons our pilot customers have already connected Spredfast to their broader business intelligence teams.

Gain executive exposure

As a social expert, you understand how a good social strategy improves customer connections and drives value for the business — but how do you share that knowledge with the rest of your organization? Connecting your social insights to your company’s business intelligence platform can help you do just that by highlighting your most compelling social stories, top performing social posts, and key analytics. Business intelligence platforms allow you to keep social top of mind with executives at their desired platform and cadence — ensuring social gets the credit it deserves.

Influence digital strategy

Social can be a lucrative source of customer insights, from uncovering new topics that interest your fans to social posts that perform exceptionally well, social allows you to tap into the mind of your customer every day. With Spredfast + business intelligence, you can bring those insights to the broader marketing team and allow social insights to inspire your company’s overall digital marketing strategy.

See your social story in broader context

You already analyze social performance across various criteria, and now you can view your performance side-by-side with other teams’ KPIs. Whether you’re tracking social performance across brands or teams or regions, business intelligence platforms all you to see what works in social and share that with other teams — and vice versa.

Learn more about our commitment to best of breed solutions at www.spredfast.com/partners. For more information about our business intelligence partners, please see their pages at www.domo.com, www.origamilogic.com, and www.tableau.com.

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Cara Dolence manages Spredfast's partner programs globally to help customers realize the full value of integrating their technology stacks. Cara currently lives in London and still supports her Virginia Tech Hokies and Washington Capitals from afar.