3 Ways Our Mobile-First World Affects Your Team

Before we start, this isn’t going to be that type of blog post. That post where I tell you how your customers are on mobile in staggeringly large numbers and you need to be thinking about how to reach them where they are. All of that is important, but this is about you.

It’s not just your customers who are on mobile all the time. It’s also your teammates, your employees, your agency partners, your digital team, Bob in accounting...in short: anybody and everybody. In fact, there’s a high chance you’re reading this on your phone right now. If not, there’s a very high chance that you’ll check your phone in the next few minutes. We’re addicted—and that’s okay.

Marketing at the speed of social means more than just keeping pace with the speed of innovation around social networks and creative ways to engage your customers. It’s also about innovating how marketers work; how you get your job done. To do this, you need to be able to empower your social teams to take action wherever they are, whether or not they’re sitting at their desk or can whip out their laptop.

You must be able to empower your social teams to take action wherever they are.


We love our customers, and we know that you do too. Your end-customer is always, and should always, be your first priority. But bear with me and be selfish for just a few minutes to think about yourself. We’ve all seen the lists of important facts about technology and how your customers are ingesting information on mobile, but have you taken a minute to think about what these facts mean for you and your social team?

Here are three facts you need to know about mobile—and what they mean for your internal team.

Fact #1: People check their phones an average of 47 times a day

Thinking about it another way, this means that we’re never more than about 20 minutes away from reaching out for our phones. It’s one of the few things that are always by our side both at work and at home. We check work email at the same time that we pop into Facebook or Twitter to see what’s happening in the world or with our friends. Mobile has fundamentally changed the way we operate on both a personal and professional level.

What this means for you:

Even though you (hopefully) sleep, social never does. Just because you leave work or don’t have your laptop with you at the moment, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a post that needs your approval, or a conversation with a follower or customer that you need to respond to, or something you need to check on the content calendar. We’re all used to multitasking on our phones at work; it’s almost expected. It’s simply how we work now, no matter what your role is. Why should your social team be any different? It’s important to arm your social teams with the ability to operate via mobile, and to give them a way to take action anytime, anywhere.

Fact #2: The #1 and #2 most commonly used cameras are actually smartphones

Not only does the iPhone take the #1 spot, Samsung smartphones take the #2 spot on Flickr’s ranking of most common camera brands used by their community. These days, a list of smartphone features often reads like a review of a DSLR camera. You’ll see details about aperture, autofocus, image stabilization, sports modes, and more. In fact, the quality of these cameras has gotten so good, Apple has an entire “Shot on an iPhone” campaign that proudly boasts billboard images shot from iPhone cameras. There are even some professional photographers who are ditching their heavy camera equipment to snap powerful photo spreads entirely on their mobile phones. That camera we all carry in our pockets is more than just a powerful selfie-machine. It’s an opportunity for you to capture authentic, marketable moments for your social channels.

What this means for you:

To capture the type of authentic images and video that we all know resonate on social, it’s important to empower the people closest to those moments with the ability to collect them and get them back to your social team as quickly as possible. Your employees have UGC gold right in their pockets all the time. From behind the scenes moments at a media or sports event, to customer experiences happening in regional retail stores or restaurants, to your branded marketing events—your employees are at the heart of the authentic moments that you strive to capture on your social channels. And not only are your employees there, they have the ability to capture those moments at any time with some of the best cameras out there. Take advantage of this opportunity by equipping your organization with the ability to not just take these photos, but also quickly get them back to the social team with all the metadata and consent needed to turn them into impactful social content.

Your employees have UGC gold right in their pockets all the time.


Fact #3: Almost half of households don’t even have a landline, including 71% of millennials

We are increasingly a mobile-first world. According to Pew Research, 77% of us own a smartphone, and that percentage goes up even higher if you’re looking at specific demographics. The same Pew study showed that 92% of 18-29 year olds and 88% of 30-49 year olds own smartphones. Our communication preferences are changing quickly away from traditional phone usage and that has big implications on how we communicate with brands, and how brands communicate with us. Your social channels, which are particularly well suited for this mobile-first world, are often the preferred avenue of communication between people and brands.

What this means for you:

Communication preferences shifting towards mobile and away from phone puts a lot of pressure on your community managers and social care teams. There’s an expectation of always-on service, faster-than-ever replies to direct messages, and meaningful interactions with our favorite brands. Keeping up with these expectations is a hefty responsibility for care teams big and small alike. Your social care teams need the flexibility of mobile so that they can monitor and respond to incoming items no matter where they are, or whether or not they can get to a computer.

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