3 Ways Spredfast + Brandwatch Help You Build a Better Social Strategy

You may be aware that Brandwatch has been with the Spredfast Partner Program from the very start, but did you know that every day dozens of companies use the Spredfast + Brandwatch connection to inform their social strategies? These customers vary in interest and industry, ranging from healthcare to banking to travel & hospitality, but despite their differences, one thing remains constant for them all: their social presence thrives on our open platform.

With Brandwatch, customers quickly gather market context, uncover trends, and identify specific user groups. Our integration allows customers to view that data right in the Social Inbox—meaning you can go from listening to action in no time. The uses for this connection span from informing your community management and customer care workflows to driving your crisis management strategy to identifying and engaging with key influencers. Whatever your social needs, Spredfast + Brandwatch can help you build a stronger social strategy.

Here are three specific ways Spredfast and Brandwatch help you build a better social strategy.

Drill Down Deeper

The smartest companies in social understand that success comes from reaching the right people in the right place at the right time. With advanced filtering, now you can drill down into your Brandwatch searches to make sure you’re identifying the most relevant pieces of content. Only interested in posts from blogs? Want to see posts from Instagram and Facebook, but not news websites? You can do all of that and more with Spredfast + Brandwatch filters.

Pinpoint Your Exact Audience

One of the benefits of listening via Brandwatch is the ability to create author lists, so you can identify exactly which audience is relevant to you and your brand. Once you’re ready to engage with a particular audience, you can filter your listening streams in Spredfast by those previously identified author lists so you only reach out to the audience that is most relevant to you.

Exclude the Noise

You know it’s important to monitor for a wide variety of categories and topics, but the field can get crowded quickly. How do you sort through the noise to find what you need? Say you manage a global team and monitor content from several different regions. When something happens in a single region, you don’t want to manually sort through all of the content to get to what you need. With Brandwatch & Spredfast, it’s simple to exclude the regions (or another category of your choice) you don’t need at a given moment, so that as you sort through the data you’re only viewing what’s most relevant to you.

Many of these capabilities didn’t exist when we launched the partnership – instead, they came directly from customers like you who used the integration and told us other ways we could help solve their social pain points. We’re committed to constantly innovating, and we strive to bring you the best possible solutions, both with our own platforms and our partner technologies. Learn more about our commitment to best of breed solutions at Spredfast.com/partners.

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Cara Dolence manages Spredfast's partner programs globally to help customers realize the full value of integrating their technology stacks. Cara currently lives in London and still supports her Virginia Tech Hokies and Washington Capitals from afar.