3 Word of Mouth Worthy Keynotes from WOMMA Summit

The guys and dolls of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM) world joined forces in Hollywood this week to share best practices, case studies, and research across various industries during the 10th annual WOMMA Summit. While the topics were diverse and the content inspired, three keynote presentations stuck with me as I boarded my flight yesterday evening.

NASA: Out of this World Social Media (John Yembrick)

Social media touches everything at NASA. This government organization has been at the forefront of social media since 2008 when it created its first Twitter account for the launch of the Mars Phoenix Lander (@MarsPhoenix). Since then, they’ve grown and expanded their digital footprint to more than 480 social accounts, which are spread across 10 different social media platforms. NASA’s social following reaches over 18.9 million people, and their Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram accounts are the most followed of federal government social initiatives.

But at the core of those 480 social accounts, content is the focus. NASA knows that content is what drives their fans. John Yembrick, their social media manager and agency spokesperson, shared four ways they create out of this world content:

  • Participate with the news rather than observing.
  • Share insider images with the public on Instagram.
  • Host news conferences online with Google Hangouts.
  • Answer consumer questions in real time.

By the way, did you know that NASA not only put the first man on the moon, but the Mars Rover also took the first selfie from Mars?

LA Kings: Giving our Fans and Players a Voice (Jonathan Lowe, AEG Sports & Patrick Donahue, LA Kings)

While the LA Kings’ have won two Stanley Cups, they’ve also won awards for their marketing and digital strategies. By keeping their fans front-and-center and showcasing that they were all “Kings,” Pat Donahue, Director of Digital Media, brought fans and players together through promotion of their collective stories.  They accomplished this by emphasizing the fun they could have in digital marketing, which is well reflected in their digital guidelines:

  • Create an experience that engages fans with wit, humor, and personality.
  • Deliver more than just “team statements,” which offer no chance at fan interaction – have conversations instead.
  • Build meaningful digital relationships with our key online ambassadors.
  • Content is a mix of what we create and what’s created by others: we adjust to the narrative that we all build.
  • Oh, and we’re a sports team after all, so let’s not take ourselves too seriously.

From a series of YouTube videos that interviewed the relationships between the players and the fans, to inviting Rainn Wilson (also known as Dwight Schrute from The Office) to a playoff game by encapsulating the tickets in a Jell-O mold, the LA Kings have been surprising and delighting their fans through social media, which as a result has made their social accounts some of the most followed in the NHL. Just read a few of their tweets and be prepared to laugh (and be amazed by the engagement metrics!)

Twitter: Connecting Social Media to Business Results (Jeffrey Graham)

Jeffrey Graham, Global and Research Director of the Twitter research team, shared multiple examples showcasing how Twitter is pioneering techniques to measure how and why people use social media. Graham’s biggest claim during his presentation was that Twitter makes media better for audiences, content owners, and advertisers.

Graham briefly outlined a study where he took a group of people and split them into two groups while they watched a basketball game. The first group was allowed to Tweet and engage with social media during the game, while the second group had to relinquish their mobile devices. In a series of video clips taken from each room, it became extremely apparent that the group engaging on the second screen were more involved and invested in the game, whereas the mobile-less group seemed bored and disengaged. In conclusion, Twitter increases:

  • Emotional intensity
  • Sense of personal relevance and memory
  • TV Ad Effectiveness

If you’re interested in learning more about the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the thought leadership of its members, visit www.womma.org, or search #WOMMAsummit in Twitter to read through a plethora of thought leadership via tweet!

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