4 Reasons Nicole Glueckert And Brian Marks Are Back At Summit For A Fourth Time

Brisket and teamwork bring the Aramark crew back for a 4th time.


SF Summit is around the bend and you may wonder, why even go? It’s quite a schlep and what for? Your city’s got tech events! But, the brisket ain’t good, and the music ain’t live. And your socks are still chilly. Come to think of it. You need to connect offline. You need to challenge your thoughts. You need brisket that’s prime. And breakfast in tacos at any damn time. 3-time ambassador veterans Brian Marks and Nicole Glueckert explain why they keep coming back for more.


Please have brisket.

“I think we're most looking forward to interacting with everyone. But, oh, the food (please have brisket). And the music. So, yeah...definitely interacting with the food (and people) listening to great tunes!”


And think differently.

“Pace yourself! It's a quick few days, but it's still a marathon and not a sprint. Be sure to come with an open mind and think differently. Also, make time to connect with other brands and see how they're marketing themselves.”


Be awesome and warm.

Did we mention the food and music yet? Being from the Northeast, this is one of our last chances to eat outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather. We always try to see different spots each time we come down and see more of this awesome city.


And have great socks.

Our best interaction ever has to be from the last Summit; I was bummed that I missed out on these fancy socks Spredfast handed out and (like many of our audiences) went to Twitter with my devastation. Lo and behold, socks arrived at my desk with a personalized note a week later. I still love those socks… and obviously Spredfast.


Sound appealing?

There’s still time to join us! Register here.

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