4 Social Lessons from Fox’s Glee

Social media has become an unquestionable cog in the everyday business world for individuals as well as for brands and agencies. In the last two years, Fox’s Glee has established itself as a social integration powerhouse that demonstrates the value of harnessing online interactivity to generate an animated, loyal fan-base. The following are four key ingredients to their success.

1. Utilize celebrities to engage off-set

Using celebrities to drive attention on Twitter is nothing new. Brands have been utilizing personalities for quite some time to launch products and drive attention to their brand. For Glee, they’ve invested in the same tried and true approach. Cast members and characters like Sue Sylvester Tweet live during new episodes, encouraging viewers to tune in for the original East Coast airtime. These Tweets are seen by individual users following their favorite character or cast member and are encouraged in real-time to tune in.

2. Capture real-time conversations and create a second screen viewing experience

Rapid growth in tablet consumption and mobile devices has created a market for second-screen viewing experiences. Instead of competing with the second-screen viewers, Fox is embracing the movement and has built a complimentary experience for Glee on their website - The Glee Social Hub. The hub captures conversations happening in the social sphere, curates them and brings them into one convenient location for audience members to engage with during he show.

3. Activate your distributed community by utilizing multiple platforms

Glee-based topics often end up trending on Twitter during Tuesday evenings, aided by unique, endorsed hashtags watermarked at the bottom of the TV screen whenever the show returns from commercial. Not only are viewers watching the show in real time, but the sheer volume of online buzz produced during each show reflects the audience’s various second-screen investments with the brand. Fox does not stop at Twitter, and engages with audience members on other popular platforms, including Facebook and YouTube.

4. Create exclusive content to drive fan investment and online engagement

Fox utilizes multiple platforms to engage their distributed fan base. They continually push out at least one performance ahead of the show on their YouTube channel in order to generate pre-show excitement and buzz. Additionally, the channel hosts behind-the-scenes videos that give viewers an exclusive peek into the Glee production world, including other bonus material that fans will hope make it into the season box-set special features. When fans look forward to exclusive content, it drives them to the brand’s digital platforms and encourages frequent, active participation and boosts social capital through views, likes, and re-Tweets.

Setting the Standard for Social Integration

From fan hubs to branded applications for smartphones, Fox tests the waters of cutting-edge social technology and aggressively pursues the second-screen experience with viewers. Regardless of the space an organization occupies, an integrated social campaign that engages users through unique experiences is incredibly valuable in the current marketing landscape. Glee sets the standard when it comes to seamlessly weaving together a cohesive social ecosystem that continually serves to heighten consumer investment in the overall brand. Ultimately, this integrated marketing and social media strategy translates into greater viewership and loyal fans.

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Blog content contributed in part by St.Edwards University MBA Capstone team: Britni McCotter, Crystal Porter and Basia Tunkis

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