5 Marketing Podcasts to Inspire Your 2018 Planning

I have to admit something: It took me a while to warm up to podcasts. But after realizing my Ted Talk addiction is not too far off from this auditory medium, I made it a mission to listen to more marketing podcasts. When there are not enough hours in the day, podcasts have been a great way to keep my brain engaged during monotonous tasks like checking email.

While considering both personal and professional goals for 2018, I scanned the internet for podcasts that would be beneficial to the marketer. Some podcasts are directly related to marketing, some are not. Great planning requires inspiration from all types of places, and sometimes there are marketing lessons and inspiration where you wouldn’t expect to look.

I’m sure there are dozens of podcasts you think deserve a spot on this page, so I invite you to share in the comment section. At Spredfast, we’ve created a Slack channel specifically for podcast sharing and if you come from a culture of big podcast fans, we encourage you to borrow our idea.

1. How YouTube’s Top Earners Promote their Content and Grow their Audience

OkDork By Noah Kagan

Video marketing is on a continuous incline. Your audience is four times more likely to watch a video about your product than read about it. The video landscape is also becoming increasingly competitive: Facebook recently adjusted their mobile app to have a tab dedicated solely to video content. Video in 2018 is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a critical ingredient to succeeding on social by creating more memorable moments for your audience. The podcast includes some sound advice on how to grow your audience on the largest video platform.

Video in 2018 is no longer a “nice to have.”


Noah sits down with Tim Schmoyer for insights on how to promote your channel, research what videos to make, execute collaborations, report on success, etc.

Quick tips:

  • Do as many collaborations as possible. Think long-term by nurturing relationships with similar video creators to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Not only will you and your partner win, but audiences like to see their favorite brands engage with each other.
  • Bring your SEO knowledge to video marketing: use niche keywords in your headlines and titles to capitalize on that traffic and interest.
  • Post with a frequent cadence. Tim suggests 3 times a week.

2) How to Get More Grit in Your Life

Angela Duckworth on Freakonomics

If you’re not familiar with Angela Duckworth’s book, Grit, let me give you a crash course. Duckworth’s assertion is that grit is something that all high-achievers have. She defines grit as “passion and perseverance for especially long-term goals.” Duckworth’s mission is to redefine “genius.” How does grit relate back to marketers? It’s an especially challenging and exciting time to be a marketer today, and marketers need grit to stay honest with themselves—and to stay on their game. To be more gritty, put yourself in more uncomfortable positions and focus on becoming awesome at something you’re interested in. Then turn that interest into passion and practice.

You can get more grit in your life by…

  1. Interest

“[People with grit] cultivate something which grabs their attention initially, but that they become familiar with enough, knowledgeable enough that they wake up the next day...and the next year, and they’re still interested in this thing. And I think that is something that we can actually intentionally decide: "'I want to be the kind of person who stays interested in something.' And so that passion really does have to come first.”

  1. Practice
  2. Purpose
  3. Hope

Skip to 9 minutes in: How to Get More Grit in Your Life by Freakonomics Radio

3) The Massive LinkedIn Opportunity and How to Take Advantage of It

By Growth Mapping Podcast

If you’ve been keeping up with LinkedIn lately, you know they’re taking a new approach to platform updates and making up for lost time. 2018 will be pivotal for LinkedIn, as their roadmap offers marketers an expanded set of tools. With this new era of LinkedIn advertising, you may want to consider a facelift to your LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn’s algorithm favors simple text status updates over shared links or videos. In this podcast, Aaron Agius discusses how you can:

  • Increase your own following and reach by posting status updates regularly.
  • Create stronger connections with influencers by using LinkedIn groups.
  • Take advantage of the length encouraged on LinkedIn status updates (hint: the “See More” tab is not a bad thing on LinkedIn).
  • Test native video to see how the reach will affect your company’s page. As an early adopter, you get a longer runway on which to test and build your knowledge.

LinkedIn’s algorithm favors simple text status updates over shared links or videos.


4) Advertising: Disrupting Interruption

By Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson

Skip to 3:30

To predict the future, you need to acknowledge the past. In this podcast, Walter Isaacson relays a refresher on the actual impact that digital advertising has had on the way we consume content. A rise in ad-blockers means advertisers face more pressure to create seamless advertisements that aren't seen as interruptions. But ad-blockers don’t mean fewer ads online: This year, worldwide ad spending on digital is expected to account for ⅓ of $547 billion.

This year, worldwide ad spending on digital is expected to account for ⅓ of $547 billion.


For skimmers, here’s an overview on what you’ll hear about:

  • An overview of the very first advertising campaign
  • A history of the modern advertising model
  • The human side of algorithms
  • The difference between branding and selling and how digital advertising that wins combines both

5) An Interview with Bob Greenberg, Founder of R/GA

By Online Marketing Rockstars

Disclaimer: This is a German podcast, but Bob Greenberg’s segment is entirely in English.

Bob Greenberg, founder of top digital agency R/GA, reinvents R/GA’s business model every 9 years, in large part because Greenberg believes taking risks is critical to survival. R/GA has already invested in 50 companies, mainly series A and series B companies, using its reservoir of creative capital to venture outside of digital advertising and into consultancies.

Why this is important for 2018 marketing planning? To manage the complexities of today’s landscape, Bob Greenberg suggests people “not know what they can’t do.” Tackling complex problems requires grit, creativity, and a lack of fear, so unconscious incompetence will help you get into the mode of planning that can result in excellence and pushing boundaries.

Tackling complex problems requires grit, creativity, and a lack of fear.


As digital marketing continues to change rapidly, marketers need to understand its past to get serious about critical changes to come. As video continues to be massively popular, with platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn making steps to prioritize video content, marketers need to consider video-first platforms as vital channels to their digital strategy. In order to push through the continuous disruption, grit and lack of fear will arm marketers with the courage to continue being creative and break through the noise.

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