5 More Tips to Rock Twitter

Twitter Tips Social MediaLast week, we shared 5 tips to rock Twitter like the Beatles based on the tipsheet 10 Tips to Rock the Twittersphere. These first 5 tips talked about providing value, the logistics of leaving room for retweets and including personality, links and hashtags in your content.

Of course, there's more to Twitter than just those core areas. To get more engaged on Twitter, here are 5 more tips from the Tipsheet:

1. Shorten your links. It goes without saying, but 140 characters is not my room for a message. Shortening links leaves more room for thoughtful copy. And perhaps more importantly, it ensure you can track each click your content receives to show engagement and prove what content is most effective.

2. Share your handle. In the same way you share and promote your website URL, blog and location, make sure everyone has insight into where to find you on Twitter. Half the battle in getting people to pay attention and engage with your brand is sometimes in building awareness of your presence. Include a Twitter feed on your website. Promote your handle on your blog. Add a line to your business cards. Include the handle in presentations at speaking engagements. You get the picture.

3. Start a meme.  Once you have an established presence and know what your community cares and talks about, start a meme to help fuel more conversation while also helping users easily search for content relevant to them. This might be something straightforward like #tiptuesday or more creative and defined.

4. Send a thank you for mentions. Everyone likes hearing thank you, especially when it’s a thank you for mentioning something you heard them say. This shows that you are listening to relevant information about your brand, as well as engaging and showing appreciation for those who take the time to talk about you.

5. Look for questions about your industry. Twitter is one of the best places to find new, interesting and useful information, particularly if you are a brand. Instead of paying for focus group time and surveys, you can listen to conversations about relevant brands and keywords and find conversations in which you can add value and help.

Have a favorite tip for Twitter that's not included in the Twitter tipsheet? Share it with us!



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