5 Resources That Will Make You A Paid, Owned, And Earned Media Expert In Under 1 Hour

Long before the introduction of social media and online marketing, organizations focused their marketing efforts on three channels of media: paid, owned and earned. However, as time has progressed companies have come to rely on both social media and online marketing as significant portions of their marketing mix. As a result, the lines between paid, owned, and earned have blurred and a new understanding of these channels have emerged. Did I lose you? If you’re playing catch-up or just want to sharpen your understanding of paid, owned, and earned media, check out our list of the top resources on the topic and establish yourself as an expert in no time.

1: Drive Successful Content Marketing with a 3-Part Media Plan

According to Monetate’s Content Marketing Director Rob Yoegel, media can be seen as a “three-legged stool.” In his blog post, Rob describes in detail the content marketing strategy of paid, owned, and earned media and the role each plays in keeping the marketing stool upright. Interested in finding out more? Dig in to Rob’s post now.

2: Media Max Out: 3 Steps to Enhance Your Media Strategy

In this blog post, Mass Relevance Marketing Team member Rachel Meyerson discusses how you can  get the most out of your earned media. In her post, Rachel reveals that to ensure earned media, brands must create rich online experiences that stimulate and encourage consumer involvement. Want to learn how? Check out her post.

3: Paid, Owned, Earned: A Strategic Business Model For Effective Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Co-editor of AllTwitter and previous founding editor of Twittercism, Shea Bennett’s infographic describes social media strategy as planning a party. Just like planning a party, organizing social media requires a lot of thought beforehand: what’s the theme; how do I get people to enjoy themselves; once they show up, how do I get them to stay for the long term? All of these are very important questions to consider when creating an effective media presence. Want answers? Click and explore this infographic today.

4: How Brands are Adapting to Social "Change" (Q&A with Michoel Ogince, Big Fuel)

Mass Relevance Co-Founder and CEO Sam Decker spoke to Michoel Ogince, Director of Platform and Product Strategy at social media agency Big Fuel about how marketers are dealing with the changing environment of online marketing. In this post, Michoel discusses the importance of utilizing all three media channels as well as the issues brands face with the overflow of social media data.

5: Making Smart Digital Strategy Decisions: Owned, Paid and Earned Media

While creating solid owned media, like websites and social media accounts, is important, to meet your business goals you must also leverage paid and earned media. Christian Arno, founder of Lingo24, a leading U.S. translation company, says that paid media not only boosts visibility, but also allows companies to reach new audiences.

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