5 Top SXSWi Panels on the Future of Marketing

Between taco meet-ups, Convergence mixers, and more Session tracks than we have time or courage to count, it’s easy for our collective eyes to grow bigger than our SXSW stomachs. But the conference also offers unparalleled insight into the future—of tech, of social, of music, and of marketing. Chisel down your itinerary and focus on these five marketer must-see panels to avoid the SXSW #FOMO blues and leave Austin feeling like a marketing champ.

Marketing to Moments that Matter

The gist: As humans in a digital world, we’re quick to connect around and share moments that matter most to us—whether it’s our kiddo saying her first word or our hard work paid off through a promotion. There are data-filled insights to be gathered from each special moment, and as marketers, it’s important to have a grasp on these insights to deliver experiences that matter most to our audiences.

Why we won’t miss it: Ann Mack, a pro who oversees content for Facebook’s global consumer insights practice, will be sharing juicy takeaways on how brands can enhance the moments people connect around on both Facebook and Instagram.


Digital Marketing in the Age of Influencers

The gist: People are influencing one another’s purchase decisions more than ever, due to the rise of social media and digital. Not only are consumers more likely to purchase through shoppable functionality on social and digital, but also through rapid transfusion of word of mouth on these channels. This session will explore how retailers are connecting with digital influencers to ensure their messages are heard.

Why we won’t miss it: Amber Venz Box, President and Co-Founder of rewardStyle, will share how she has woven digital influencers into her marketing strategy to keep her consumers happy and loyal.


No More Mr Tough Guy: Brands Putting People First

The gist: Prosperous companies in today’s world have proven that success doesn’t have to be cutthroat and merciless. As brands move away from “every person for themselves” and focus instead on creating the best possible products and services, people are becoming more central to business decisions than ever.

Why we won’t miss it: Pros from three heavy-hitting companies—Patagonia, Lyft and New York Times—will put their heads together on how people-centricity has given their companies the upper hand.

Screw Email! Why the Clever Comms Are Handmade

The gist: Be honest, are you more likely to open (and appreciate) a thank-you email or a handwritten thank-you note? Most times—and by most we mean 3,300 perecent more times—a thoughtful pen put to paper goes the extra mile over a quick flurry of fingers-to-keys. This session will dive into how the next big marketing trend could be a resurfaced trend of the past.

Why we won’t miss it: Ogilvy & Mather creatives will share their findings from oodles of research, experiments and interviews, proving that handmade communications are the way to go.

The Next Multibillion Opp: Marketing in Messaging

The gist: Messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Kik have their own form of communication, and it takes on quite a different tone than social or other apps. How can marketers get more personal and reach a younger audience when developing these mobile pieces? This panel will cover how to engage your audience in this text dialogue and leverage technology to have a seat at the messaging app table.

Why we won’t miss it: Four big brands—Comedy Central, Unilever, Snaps, and Kik Interactive Inc—will offer tips and tricks on how they’ve engaged their fans in messaging.

Grab your comfy shoes, your note-taking app of choice, and land in Austin ready to engage in these marketing-tastic sessions. And don’t forget to grab some tacos while you’re here, too.




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