5 Ways to Conquer Instagram

The content you post paints a picture of who you are as a brand.

Even the “Mona Lisa” began with a single brush of paint. Alone on an otherwise blank canvas, it could not have made much of an impression. But, by the last stroke of the brush, Da Vinci had created an image of complex beauty that has withstood the test of time. To remain relevant, you must master your stroke.

Consider Instagram the blank canvas on which you paint your brand image. To captivate your audience, you must balance quality content and a consistent posting cadence. Don’t risk being thrown in the tomb of forgotten brands. Instead, keep in mind these five golden rules to master the art of Instagram.

1) Create a consistent content theme.

Post engaging content that resonates with your audience and remains true to your brand image. If your business is dedicated to sharing the latest tech gadgets, don’t throw your audience off by posting pictures of gourmet food. The official Instagram account does a great job of remaining true to their brand by sharing the compelling work of artists from all across the world. Keep your content authentic or risk your users tuning you out.

2) Use relevant hashtags to #GetDiscovered.

Using hashtags on Instagram is a simple way for more users to find you on Instagram. Use current hashtags that draw attention to your content, but make sure they align with your brand voice. On the other hand, don’t go overboard with hashtags—you don’t want to turn off your audience to your message courtesy of hashtag clutter.

3) Take advantage of Instagram’s new paid offerings.

In June, Instagram announced it is extending ad offerings to a wider range of businesses. What does this mean for your brand? New formats, increased relevance, and broader availability. With instant access to your products, website, or service, your community will be able to take action directly from your feed. Game changer, no?

4) Talk to your community.

Be available to your community. It can go a long way toward influencing purchase intent and brand loyalty. After all, your community is your customer. Slow response times can directly affect your bottom line. Plus, community feedback can inform your content selection. Few businesses directly engage their community on Instagram. Break from the pack and be a Social Care leader in your community.

5) Reward your followers.

Incentivize engagement and sharing to keep your community coming back. Rewards can come in many forms. You can offer discount codes, promos, or exclusive sneak peeks, have a celebrity host a contest or have a follower take over your account for the day. Providing these incentives can increase your fanbase by tapping into your community’s own audience. Show off the creativity of your brand and community by rewarding your followers.

We hope these insights help you connect to your audience and promote your brand. What would you add to this list? Tweet to @Spredfast and let us know—and find even more relevant tips in the latest edition of The Smart Social Report: Volume Two.


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Chantal Follins is a Community Manager at Spredfast. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys photography, trying new food spots, traveling, and catching the latest celebrity gossip. Follow Chantal on Twitter at @chantalrochelle.