5 Ways To Integrate Social Into Awards Shows

It’s award season, again. As countless celebrities walk down the red carpet it seems like the biggest star of them all is…the audience.

Award show producers now have the means and increasing desire to integrate social content into this long-established format. The result is a more interactive and engaging experience for viewers and hopefully higher ratings for the producers.

The social experience for an award show has to be built into the entire production. It can’t be a marketing afterthought. What makes this format so ripe for social integration is that the events have well-defined moments of anticipation and payoff. When done correctly, watching an award show with social integration can become an event in and of itself.

Here are five ways producers can integrate social into their award shows:

1. It all begins with buzz. Who are critics and fans talking about? What’s been nominated? When will the show air and how will it play out? Being able to capture this buzz to amplify the show’s promotion is priceless for award show producers. A custom microsite like OSCAR BUZZ, powered by Mass Relevance, does just that.

The site features a filtered stream of tweets with #OscarBuzz alongside official tweets from The Academy. Below that is a leader board that ranks the most mentioned actors and movies.

2. For some, the red carpet pre-show is more exciting than the main event. It’s where the celebrities parade in front of the paparazzi and answer questions about who and what they’re wearing. Now the audience can ask their very own questions through social media.

Producers behind-the-scenes search for real-time questions from viewers and feed them to a reporter on the red carpet. Once the right question is paired with the right celebrity the reporter asks the question and it’s displayed either in on-screen graphics or a monitor on the red carpet.

3. The preshow can be streamed online alongside the curated conversation. As producers moderate the conversation they can highlight the best questions and comments in filtered streams next to the live video. Celebrity attendees can participate in this experience through a Q&A on the site in the weeks leading up to the show to build buzz or on that very same night for direct engagement.

Additionally, photos from the red carpet, viewing parties, or the celebs themselves can be curated in real-time to the site, creating a richer viewing experience for those at home. For the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show we powered a display of photos coming in from VS fashion show viewing parties on college campuses across the country.

4. And now it’s show time. A room full of celebrity entertainers is the perfect setting for showcasing real-time social content. Encouraging the influential attendees to engage in the conversation about the show gives viewers at home hundreds of different and often witty firsthand perspectives of the event.

These celebrity tweets and posts can be displayed in-venue on displays in the auditorium or in on-screen graphics like a lower-third banner. The producers can monitor the content from attendees and viewers alike and display it in real-time for the audience.

5. And the show doesn’t end there. A post show can be broadcast on TV or streamed online where the viewers submit reactions and questions for the event’s winners and losers. For the GRAMMY nominations live post-show on GRAMMY.com we powered real-time tweets to a monitor behind two hosts interviewing the nominees after coming off the stage.

Everyone loves a good award show. From the Oscars and Golden Globes to the GRAMMYs and MTV Video Music Awards, there is plenty of opportunity to celebrate the world of showbiz. And through social integration the audience can finally get in on the action. With custom micro sites, live streaming pre- and post-shows, filtered streams of conversation, Q&As, real-time celebrity and viewer tweets, producers have more ways than ever to socialize their award shows.

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