6 Resources for Social Leadership

 Altimeter Group's Brian Solis joined Spredfast last Thursday to discuss The Evolution of Social Business, kicking off our new Social Leadership Webinar Series by outlining the six stages to becoming a social business. Solis' leadership in social is demonstrated within his research with Altimeter Group and frequent posts on his website, briansolis.com. We've pulled together six of our favorite posts to keep the learning going following last week's webinar:

1. This post, published almost a year ago today, offers seven questions worth asking on The Path from a Social Brand to a Social Business. Solis stated then what most of us know to be true today, while creating a social brand is a necessary endeavor, building a social business is an investment in customer relevance now and over time.

2. This post on What your Business Needs to Know About Facebook's EdgeRank provided a much needed explanation to marketers and business executives about the role of promoted content within the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, reminding us that, Engagement is the key to amplifying reach.

3. This guest series from Dana Vetter, VP of Consumer Strategies at ARAMARK, outlines the structure, individuals, strategy, and training that helped the global managed services company transform into a social business. It's an excellent case study in strategic social alignment.

Pt. 1: They All Laughed: The Road to Becoming a Social Enterprise

Pt 2 : The 5th P of Marketing is People: Engagement begins within

Pt 3: Without a Strategy, There is No ROI

Pt. 4: Mitigating Risk in Social Media Engagement

4. This post calculates the ROI of social media as a factor of touches, time, trust, and sentiment. It also provides a clever and fitting metaphor of branded social presences as online bars where visitors speak to staff, strangers introduce themselves, and friends converse with each other.

5. This post introduces the Six Stages of Social Business Transformation, Brian's latest research with fellow Altimeter analyst Charlene Li and was the foundation of his webinar discussion.

6. And, finally, this presentation from last week's Social Leadership Webinar which Brian copresented with our CMO, Jim Rudden. You can watch the webinar on demand here.

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