6 Ways to Use Social Media for Business & Proven Tactics for Success

Social media is important for your business. You no doubt already realize that as a business professional. But moving from "we need to use social media for business" to "we need to use social media to achieve <XYZ business goal>" is becoming a crucial aspect to every social media strategy.

social landscapeThere are six business objectives social media is ideal in helping to address, and in a recent webinar with the American Marketing Association, these objectives were discussed with common best practices and tactics any business can use to help properly achieve business goals with social media.

#1 Building Brand Awareness
Building brand awareness is the number one objective for most marketers and social media offers new, unique benefits when integrated into the marketing mix. 

-- Share details about your company. People often follow brands to learn more about them.

-- Share thought leadership content. Use social media to promote the content and views you provide that make you a leader in your space. These might be whitepapers or infographics or even stances on industry trends.

#2 Making Customer Service More Personal
Using social media to tackle this not-so-small undertaking, allows you to talk to people where they are "“ online, using social media.

-- Promote customer education. Provide customer the tools to use the full extent of your product or service.

-- Post customer-centric announcements. Update your community with helpful information and pre-empt any questions or concerns users or customers with helpful news.

#3 Event Marketing
Amplify messages and promotions in event marketing campaigns in real time with social media.

-- Send reminders and notifications. Share real-time reminders and updates to ensure your network has every opportunity to be in the right place at the right time.

-- Share event content. Generate thought leadership and connect with community members not present by linking and directing people to content and feedback from the event.

#4 Product Launches
Launch products more affordably than ever with an engaged network to help build excitement at the time of launch in social media.

-- Share product demonstrations. Don"™t just tell people what"™s in a product -show them with compelling demonstrations.

-- Run contests. Make sure you are increasing opportunities for engagement and participation around your launch(es) with interactive activities.

#5 Building Sales Pipeline
At the end of the day, companies stay in business through selling products or services, and social media is increasingly becoming a channel to help achieve sales and sales pipeline growth.

-- Provide calls to action. Generate leads and develop sales prospects by giving your network something to do. Whether it"™s click on link to another marketing channel, driving them to buy something online or asking them to provide contact information.

-- Drive people to your website(s).Your site is probably already optimized for converting people into leads and askign them for information. Use this to your advantage in your social media activity.

#6 Community Activation
Once a presence is established in social media, one of the most powerful things you can do as a business is empower them to take action and advocate on behalf of you or your brand.

-- Provide incentives. Give your community incentives for taking a pre-defined action. It helps them connect to your brand while also giving guidance on what it is you want them to do.

-- Provide pre-packaged content. Make it easy for your community to take action and share things on your behalf by packaging up easily shareable images, badges, status updates and Tweets to pass along. Regardless of what you"™re doing in social today, it"™s always good to step back and assess business goals and how your social media is helping to achieve them.

Gone are the days when social media only helped build "buzz" and now are the days when social can help drive meaningful business objectives.

Want more business objective-focused ideas, tactics and examples for running social media campaigns? Download the full, 40-page Pocket Guide.

Pocket Guide

Check out the entire webinar presentation on SlideShare.

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