7 Ways Social Voting Trumps Native Voting

Polling has always been a great way to engage consumers and build insights into their opinions, and it’s gotten even more real-time and ever-present with the help of mobile and social technology.

Back in the day, polling was an in-person, arduous task. Early on, you needed to go door-to-door or organize large focus groups. Then telephones made it easier to connect with consumers, but it too had many limitations—including annoying the hell out of families across the nation just as they sat down to dinner. Then the web allowed for native online polls to reach a larger audience in near real-time. But even those had limitations—fans needed to actually go to your site to partake and when they were done, that was it, nothing else to do. A dead end, if you may. 

Now here we are in the time of social media where polls have the potential to be a shared experience from which brands can receive immediate feedback from people all around the globe.

Social voting is done most often by counting the uses of hashtags on the top social networks. Often these hashtags are promoted on-air or online (and for really smart brands—across a mix of both), driving fans to the social network to tweet or post their votes.

Hashtag votes on broadcast are great for gathering real-time responses from fans and driving engagement around your brand on the native social networks. Adding a social voting module on your site (like ESPN’s #WhosGonnaWin poll) creates a hub of communication and social activity on your owned property. This provides many additional benefits, including the following: 

  1. Generate social content

When fans vote from a social module, they are actually tweeting or posting to their networks and creating earned media.

  1. Guide the social conversation around your brand

With a platform like Spredfast, you can pre-populate the tweet or post text, so that you can include key campaign elements like hashtags and suggested messaging.

  1. Amplify your owned property and content

Avoid creating campaign dead ends. Social voting modules open up your campaign page and extend the experience across the social realm.

  1. Drive additional traffic back to your owned property

Within the pre-populated text, include a link back to that specific page on your site to encourage others to participate.

  1. Allow consumers to vote whenever and wherever they like

Fans want their voice to be heard, no matter where or how they cast their vote. A single Spredfast stream can collect all votes, whether they come from broadcast viewers, the social voting module, or organic sharing on native social platforms.

  1. Sync social, digital, and broadcast efforts 

Go a step beyond a social hub on your owned digital presence and incorporate real-time poll results into your broadcast to create a truly engaging viewer experience.

  1. Create a unique sponsorship experience

Social polls are a great opportunity to create value for sponsors and generate additional revenue. 

Social polls turn what was once a cumbersome data-collecting exercise into an interactive fan experience where people want to be heard. At Spredfast, we can help you easily build, customize, embed, and visualize social voting results. Want to learn more? You can get in touch with me on twitter at @venicewhiteboy or by email at cpalumbo@spredfast.com

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Craig is a veteran of the digital marketing world and is now a Senior Customer Partner at Spredfast where he serves as a resource to customer leadership teams, providing strategic guidance and product awareness. A travel and music fanatic, when he's not at work, you'll probably find him at concerts and festivals across the country, like Burning Man, Coachella, and FunFunFunFest.